Chapter 20

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Chapter 20


I could tell he was plotting something with how charming he was being.

Not that charm didn't come naturally for him, but I knew when he was actually trying.

Wilmer: 'I think you ladies deserve a real vacation, a nice ocean front resort, fun in the sun, shopping, maybe some time at the spa.'

'Are you saying I'm starting to look run down papi?'

Wilmer: 'Never angel, that's not even funny. But Becca has a lot to decide, not just the baby, but if she feels safe attending school, what she wants to say to her parents...'

'Which she can decide here.'

Wilmer: 'Selena has to feel conflicted, leaving her entire life behind her.'

'So taking her out of town is going to help? What's really going on? You're plotting something, I know you.'

Wilmer: 'That you do. I want to step it up, from seeking information, to seeking revenge, and I don't plan to play fair. It is true that you three could use the vacation but I could do what I needed without distractions if you were safe, hundreds of miles from here.'

I had my suspicions but had hoped I was being paranoid.

He reached for my hand and squeezed.

Wilmer: 'I know you want to fight me, but just think about it. Do you want Becca here, in more danger? We both know you'd never send her without you.'

His big brown eyes stared into mine.

'When do we need to go? She'll have to clear it with her parents.'

Wilmer: 'The sooner the better, would a week be enough notice for her parents?'

'Yeah, that should be. You're not going to go act stupid though, are you?'

Wilmer: 'You know better.'

'Does Selena know?'

Wilmer: 'She knows what we want eventually, just not that we're looking to move forward.'

I nodded, sighing.

I may have originally been threatened by her, but we actually get along rather well, not that there's much time alone between us.

Wilmer: 'Enough dreary talk, how did it go with the ring?'

I blush a little, grinning.

'Really well, I got my message across, I'm not trying to push her into anything, I just need her to know I'm serious, and I'm not going anywhere.'

Wilmer: 'Good, part of me wants to personally apologize, but I don't know the words.'

'Sorry I fucked your girlfriend, then guys who have beef with me abducted and tortured you. I mean, hallmark has to have a card like that, have you even looked?'

I teased and we both laughed.

Wilmer: 'Smart ass.'

'Better than being a dumb one. I know you only want to make it right, but you know good and well money won't do that. I hear you talking about setting all these accounts up for her and the baby.'

He gave me a sad look.

Wilmer: 'I'm fully aware I'm not the father, but the way you tell it, there's only a baby because of me, and the actual father is never even going to know. So before she starts her senior year, she is a mom. I know you were the one that she cares about, but I was apart of why she went off and got pregnant. You will never hear me say I ever regret a single time we've made love, but I will never forgive myself for what happened to her. I'm almost nervous to even speak to her.'

'But you realize she is an insecure teenage girl, right? I wasn't going to say anything, but she thinks you're pissed that I want to be with her.'

Wilmer: 'You know that all I want is your happiness....'

'Relax papi, I know. I'm just saying, I don't think she expects you to braid her hair, but you're all business. She's grateful you're wanting to make sure she's OK, and that you get justice for her. But relax, I know it's a lot to ask but you're both very important to me, it would be great if you got along.'

He looked like he didn't quite know what to say.

'OK, enough, all this talk about her and I want her in my arms. Can we see why they are taking so damn long with....never mind.'

I stop talking as I notice two servers walking to the car with bags in their hands.

Wilmer: 'You definitely still have that magic. You say it, it happens.'

We laugh as he rolls down his window.

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