Chapter Twelve: Release Day

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"Its good, I promise—you ready?" She asked as she sat on her bike, the dents and scratches gone from that day, replaced with fresh paint and parts. It was amazing that everything from that crash had healed, except for her trust.

"Yeah—why wouldn't I be?"

"I mean about later, you have been so nervous all week, and kinda on edge." She asked as she watched him kicked his leg over his bike, the look on his face telling her not to go too much deeper into that subject. She knew he loved Lyla, but Opie had lost his beloved wife not too long before she had married Jax, making it still fresh in his mind.

"Everyone ready?" Eva called out as she started her bike, the roars of bikes behind her making a smile creep over her face. "LETS RIDE!" She yelled as she shifted gears and pulled out, the woman cheering as they knew their men would be home soon.

Eva rode at the front with Opie on her left, her anxiety rising as they passed the spot on the highway that was supposed to be her graveside. It sent chills down her spine as she remembered the events of that day, remembered the pain and fear that crossed her mind as she felt death's icy hand on her neck. She shook off those feelings and kept her sights on the road, the prison appearing in the distance. A smile went over her face as she knew in just a few short minutes, the guys would be released and Jax would finally be hers.

Eva parked her bike along the release fence with the other guys, watching as Opie and the others removed the bikes from the van. Jax had wanted to ride home on his bike, and Eva made sure he got his wish. She removed her helmet and held his cut in her hands, watching anxiously for him.

"Here they come." Opie said, all the guy cheering as the guys walked down the fenced walkway. Jax had a huge smile on his face as he saw Eva, his eyes locked on hers as he walked. He was dressed in the same white shirt and jeans he had on the day he left, his body filling it out more as he had clearly been working out.

"Oh baby, you better get over here!" Jax said as the gate finally opened and he walked out. Eva ran up to him, jumping into his arms as her legs wrapping around his waist. "Jesus, Christ—I missed you baby." He said as he held her close. Their lips collided as he set her down the guys cheering as the club and family was finally whole again.

"I missed you too, oh here—I cleaned it and re-patched it." Eva said as she held up his cut to him, watching with pride as he slipped it on. Eva watched as Jax hugged Opie, thanking him for watching his family while he was locked up, a smile on his face as he looked over at Eva.

"Let's go home, baby." Eva said with a wink as she pointed to his bike, she giggled when Jax picked her up again hugged her tight. She relaxed under his touch, much to her shock since she was sure her body would try and reject any physical contact. They all got on their bikes and rode out, the guys throwing up the middle finger to the prison as they rode past it for the last time.

Jax was overwhelmed with joy as he saw Eva riding on by his side, exactly where she should be. She was his and he was hers, and everything was finally perfect, or at least almost perfect. He knew that he had to take care of some business at the club before he could sneak off home with Eva. Part of him was so nervous to be with her, Jax wanting every single moment to be perfect for her. His heart swelled as he finally noticed the newest patch to her cut, a small patch that read Teller, in bold letters.

The moment they rode up to the club it was a warm welcome for all of them, Eva smiling big as she watched Abel run to his daddy. It was a reunion that was too long overdue, and they had so much to catch up on. Eva walked to Lyla who had motioned for her, Eva hoping that this had to do with the clothes Eva had asked to borrow from CARA CARA.

"And?" Eva asked in a low whispered tone, hoping that Jax didn't hear.

"In your closet in the black sack." Lyla whispered with a wink, making Eva blush as she thought about the events that were going to take place later that day. Eva walked back over to Jax and rested her hand on his hip, all this feeling like a dream to her.

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