Chapter Twelve: Release Day

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"What do you wanna wear? This?" Eva asked as she held up a grey shirt for Abel, her body shaking as Eva knew in a few hours Jax would be home. The last ten months of her life had been so insane, so many things happening that she felt she would go nuts. She and Opie had been working secretly with the Mayans, staging fights and tension to weed out the wolf of the Renegades. 

  She needed her MC to think it was the Mayans who had attacked her, and anyone who protested or was overly zealous had something to hide.

Eva had an idea of who is was, her heart trying to lead her away from the obvious and her mind telling her to wake the fuck up. She was going to confront him tonight after the wedding of Lyla and Opie, her decision of their fate still so unclear. She didn't want to think about that, all she wanted to think of was her husband coming home. She had a shoe box on her bedside table full of over 100 letters he had sent her, all of them worn and torn from her constant reading. She was finally healed from the ordeal, her arm cast coming off just four days ago, and her wounds scarred over.

She had five bullet scars, five scars that would always remind her that even the ones you trust can betray you. She was happy she had healed so quick, her determination to get out of that hospital enough motivation.

She dressed Abel and threw on her leather pants and red fitted shirt, fully intending on making sure Jax saw her first before the guys. She hadn't told him she was coming, but let him think she would be at the Clubhouse with the rest of the women. She was eager to show him his cut, which she had cleaned herself and re-patched.

The sound of her door opening made her even more nervous since she knew it was Gemma to get Abel. She walked over and hugged her mother-in-law, a woman she could honestly say she trusted. Gemma had finally come around when she saw how much she and Jax cared for each other. Gemma accepted Eva as her daughter, and finally laying to rest the hate and anger for her father.

"You are shakin like a leaf honey, just relax." Gemma assured her, Eva smiling as she stood back and slipped her hair into a high ponytail. She hadn't seen Jax since that one time at the prison, their letters and phone calls their only form of communication. She didn't want him to see her with her cuts and bruises, the scars being enough.

"Its been so long Gem, and there is so much going on that— "She tried to say but was muted by Gemma's finger over her mouth. Gemma knew why Eva was so nervous and it wasn't just to see Jax or the shit going on with her club.

"Stop overthinking everything, Eva. Just let everything happen naturally, and let Jax take control, from the whispers around the Croweaters he knows his way around a woman." Gemma teased making Eva blush and gently push her away. Gemma knew about Eva, the horrors she had gone through at the hands of Jimmy. She wasn't a virgin by far, but she had never willingly been with a man, making Jax her first in that aspect. They had been married for a year now, and consummation of their marriage was long overdue.

"Get to the club, baby girl. The guys are headin out soon, and you need to be up front." Gemma said as Abel ran to her, a smile on his face as he always loved seeing his grandma. Eva threw on her new leather jacket along with her cut, her gloves following suit. She took a few deep breathes to steady her shaking hands, since the last thing she needed was another crash landing.


"You okay to ride? How's the arm?" Opie asked as fastened his helmet, all of them anxious to get out there before 10AM. Opie had become her overprotective big brother over the last year, his friendship something she held in high regard. He was a good man, and she was more than happy to stand next to Lyla as she married him later day.

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