Chapter forty-five

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I am not feeling the best today, I woke up puking and I just can't fight that weak feeling in my stomach. It's horrible. Justin finally sobered up, and was able to take care of me. I could do it myself, but he demanded that I stay in bed until I feel better.

His family are on the way over, and I look like a zombie. This is not how I wanted to meet all of his family for the first time, but I'm going to make the best of it. Also, they don't know I'm pregnant, and I made sure Justin knew to tell his dad not to mention it to anyone just yet. It's going to be a surprise.

"You feeling any better?" Justin asked bringing me a glass of water. I sat up as much as I could. "No, but I am trying my best to pull through. I want to be my best whenever I meet all of your family."

"Don't worry babe, they will understand. You're sick and you can't help it. You need to rest as much as possible so get some rest and if you need anything I'll be in the kitchen helping Erin and dad cook." He said tucking me in comfortably.

"Okay babe." Justin shut the door behind him as he left the room. I felt like total shit, and all I could do was lay there in silence. I wonder what it's going to be like being a mother. It's scary, but also it's such a beautiful thing. I'm thinking about more baby names other than the ones Justin and I chose. It doesn't necessarily have to start with a J, but I'd prefer it to, to keep it going in the family. I just hope everything works out for the best. I hope we find who took my ring, and I hope the person who sent me those texts leave me alone. They haven't texted me ever since that day. I should call them, but they probably won't answer. It wouldn't hurt to try...

No Chris. No, you need to rest and stay stress free. Leave it alone. Ugh, I'm so annoying. I only do it to myself. I'm just going to shut my eyes and go to sleep and find my happy place.


"How is Christina holding up?" Dad asked as he diced an onion. "She's okay, she's really sick though, I told her to rest as much as she could before everyone arrives. She'll pull through."

I hope.

"I remember my first pregnancy. It was horrible." Erin said as she prepared the turkey. I looked over at dad and gave him a look. "Son, it's Erin. She's not going to say anything." Dad said aloud for Erin to hear.

"No, no you have nothing to worry about Justin, my lips are sealed." Erin said with a smile. I smiled back slightly to assure her it was okay that she knew. I don't mind people knowing, as long as I can trust them. I don't want everyone knowing just yet. I mean, I do want it to be a surprise.

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" Erin asked carrying on the conversation. "Either would be fine, I want a little girl, but if I had a son, I would be just as excited and happy." I replied as I stirred the soup my dad was making.

"It's going to be stressful, especially with who you are, but I know you can do it. You are a strong kid." Erin said punching my arm lightly. "I'm a man now." I laughed.

"I keep forgetting that you aren't sixteen anymore. You still have that baby face and it throws me off." She laughed. "Chris says the same thing." I replied.

"Have you checked on her recently?" Dad asked raising a brow. "About fifteen minutes ago. She's probably sound asleep, but I'll go check on her just in case."

I slowly opened the door to the bedroom and made my way inside. I was right, she was passed out. I lean down to kiss her forehead. She was swearing horribly. I grabbed a wet cloth and placed it on her forehead to cool her down. That always helped me whenever I was sick. She is so peaceful when she sleeps, I worry so much about her. I just feel like she isn't telling me everything. I stayed by her side for a moment and stared at her as she slept peacefully. Her phone was laying beside her, and it was lighting up with notifications. I grabbed it to turn it off, but a text message caught my eye before I could.

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