Chapter 2

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Marinette's POV

"Marinette! Marinette! Wake up!"

"UGH. What is it Tikki?"

"You overslept!"

I hopped out of bed. "Tikki?!? Why didn't you wake me up earlier?!?"

"I tried Marinette!" She exclaimed. "But you were so tired!"

"Come on Tikki!" The kwami flew into my purse. I ran downstairs, grabbed my backpack, and ran outside.

"Marinette! Hurry! Run faster!" I knew she was rushing me because today was the day we would find out who goes on a field trip to a different school for some exchange program. I think the school is called, what was it, Echo Creek? Oh well. Alya probably knows. I'll ask her. I rush into my classroom, where my teacher thankfully never noticed that I was late.

"Late again." Alya mumbled.

"I overslept."

"So, do you want to go to Echo Creek?" Alya asked.

"I honestly don't really care." I said. "If I go, I can meet new friends. If I stay..." I tried to think of something that didn't involve Ladybug. "I can meet new friends."

"We have a new student in our class today. Please stand up." Said Ms. Bustier.

I looked over to see a girl standing up next to Mylene. She had hair like Alya's except it was a light shade of brown. She had lime-green eyes and was wearing a short casual yellow dress, a black jacket, and knee-high white boots.

"Class, please welcome Gigi Garcia."

"Hi!" She said excitedly. "I'm so stoked to be here!"

"Gigi, could you tell us a bit about yourself?" Asked Ms. Bustier.

"Well, My Mom and I just moved here all the way from The United States! North Carolina, to be exact. I also love cute animals and taking selfies!" She squealed.

"Alright class, now for the moment you've all been waiting for."

Everyone started to talk to their friends excitedly, except for Gigi. She looked sad, as if she didn't want to go.

"Alix, Ivan. You two will be going to Echo Creek."

Alix pumped a fist in the air. Ivan looked at Mylene, upset they were going to be separated. Gigi breathed a sigh of relief. Alya scribbled something on a sticky note and passed to me.

"Should we introduce ourselves at lunch?"

I nodded. I just hope she's friendly. I mean, she seemed friendly when she introduced herself to the class. But she seemed sad when Ms. Bustier announced the transfer. The bell suddenly rang, signaling it was time for lunch.

Let's see how this goes.

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