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m e g a c l i t e

the months went by rather quickly -- going from november to december in the blink of an eye. christmas decorations were up on every window, every door, every porch. nova made her gingerbread cookies and gained three pounds in the aftermath and i took it upon myself to decorate her apartment since she only liked christmas for the food and presents and couldn't be bothered with the rest. jupiter and i got each other early christmas presents -- a new set of acrylic paints for him, one of jupiter's paintings for me.

it was kind of new for me -- spending christmas with my boyfriend. most of my past boyfriends never stuck around long enough for the holidays, making the whole concept a bit foreign to me.

"are you flying to see your family for christmas?" i asked him once in his apartment, placing my stockinged feet over his lap.

his thumb drew absentminded patterns over my ankle. "no."

it was a simple, callous answer, so unlike him. "why aren't you going to see them, jupe? it's the holidays."

"i've never been invited back since i got out of rehab," he says, his clipped answer so unlike him. "i hardly think they'd want to see me anyways."

i frown. i didn't know the specifics of jupiter and his family's relationship, just that they were always overbearing to him, that they'd been especially disappointed and embarrassed after his diagnosis and that they'd failed to initiate any sort of contact  since then. despite this though, i knew some part of him missed them, especially his brother.

"you could at least try calling them," i say, sitting up on the couch. he lifted his hands off my legs long enough for me to settle back into the cushions. "it is christmas, after all. maybe it's time you try to make amends. even if you don't think they deserve it," i add, softening my gaze and reaching over clasping his hand. "if not for them, then for you. you can't defeat your demons if you won't even acknowledge them."

he looks down at her intertwined hands then back up at me, sighing softly and sliding one hand to cup the nape of my neck, twining a stray curl between his fingers. he presses his forehead to mine, smiling like he was look so dear to him that he couldn't bear to look away. "what would i do without you?"

"you'll never have to know." i tell him.

* * *

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