Dark's present

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Your POV

"Hello Doll "

I heard his voice but refused to open my eyes. I kept them shut hoping he'd be convinced that I was still sleeping, although I know it was stupid and he probably would buy it.
"I know you can hear me, this is my domain, I know and can see everything here"

His cold hands brushed against my cheek. I clenched my eyes tighter, I just didn't want to look at that menacing face.
"Open up those pretty little eyes won't you? "
He requested smoothly. I still didn't adhere to his request and kept them shut. He growled and I knew he was getting angry.
"I said LOOK AT ME" he snarled and his hand connected with the side of my face, hard. He held my face straight immediately, squeezing my jaw in his hands.
"Do you want to make me mad? "
I shook my head violently.
"Then you know what you have to do"
"Please, just leave me alone" I begged with my eyes still shut tightly.
"Fine, we'll do it you're way"

The sound of a sharp metal object leaving a smooth metal surface filled my ears as I slowly peeked to see what he was doing. I immediately regretted opening my eyes as I saw the sight of him examining a sharp, shining, clean blade.

"What.... What are you.. Going to do with.. T-that?" I stuttered shakily.
"Oh look who decided to listen, a little too late to be good, Doll"
He said approaching me with the blade in hand.
I tried to move to run away from him but I was only brought to the ground as my feet were chained to the floor, and my hands to the wall. My ankles and wrists were shackled tightly, but the chains on my hands itself were loose allowing a slightly mobility but not enough to get away.
He slowly knelt down in front of me and said
"And as for what I'm going to do with this " he paused flashing the blade in front of me, he glanced up at the chains which held my wrists, then they started retracting into the walls making them firmer and taking away the little mobility that I had.
My hands were forced upwards, I remained on the ground until I felt completely weightless as I was being levitated, then pressed against the wall by an invisible force.

"Let's find out just how much I can make you bleed" he grinned sinisterly as he continued 
As cold metal bar wrapped around my neck immobilizing me, my hands were at my side unable to budge as well and my feet dangled slightly off of the ground.

He slowly brought the knife to the neckline of my shirt then jerked it violently downwards, ripping my shirt in half and slicing the skin on my abdomen ever so slightly.
I was now only in my bra and shorts with a long slit over my stomach, exposed in front of him.
I shrieked in pain and he laughed lightly.
"You find that amusing, what the fuck is wrong with you?! "
His expression switched in a split second, his grimace basically sucked the oxygen out of the room as I found myself holding my breath, scared out of my skin.

With a quick flick of the blade, he sliced from under my left side of my rib cage to above my right hip, leaving a diagonal slit across my midsection.
It was just enough to cut through the top layer of flesh but it still hurt like hell.
I gave a loud shrill as I pressed my head back onto the wall, since it was the only direction I could move my head.
"Don't EVER talk to me like that again, unless you want to bleed"
He commanded and said the last piece 'calmly '
"Fucking hell, aahhhh" I screamed as the pain coursed through me and I felt the blood run down my lower body dripping off my toes.
"Watch your language" he said turning to the table which he pulled the blade from.
"Fuck you " I spat at him
He wasted no time with words, instead he charged at me and stuck the blade into my right shoulder.
I yelled out trying to alert someone, if there was anyone outside the black room.
Pain coursed through my body as I wondered how it was that my mother couldn't hear me.
Did he kill her?!
"Oh, no, I have no interest in your family, besides, you're the fun one "
He chuckled while brushing his hair back, smearing my blood into his black locks, 'composing' himself.
Ok, so, she's ok, but why can't she hear me?
"No one can hear you scream here, no matter how hard you try, only I hear your cries" he smirked as he shook the still embedded knife causing even more pain to me.
I whimpered as the wound was disturbed.

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