From the moment I met you,everything changed

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For the next couple of days everything went smoothly, no fights, no attacks, no nothing.

On Saturday, Alpha Max gathered us all, to announce the arrival of the neighboring pack in two days. According to him, every 36 years, the Blue Moon Pack, us, and the Shadow Wolves Pack, them, would join in one of the pack’s land, in order to celebrate one of the biggest Moon Goddess’s in a special feast.

“Why every 36 years?” One of the younger pups wondered, looking with interest up at our Alpha.

“We will tell you when you grow up.” He replied kindly, letting out a deep laugh when the boy pouted.

“Now” He said, his face turning back serious “I expect your best behavior. If any of you find your mate while they are here, then you have both mine and Alpha Leo’s blessing. BUT I will not tolerate any childish behavior. You are not to touch any unmated she-wolves” Alpha Max said, narrowing his eyes towards the unmated ones, before going on with his speech “You shall not challenge any of the higher ranks of the Shadow Wolves’ pack. Am I understood?” He asked, his eyes scanning the room while we all nodded “Yes Alpha!”

We walked away, starting to busy ourselves with many things. I decided to take a walk outside; it was a warm day with just a soft breeze to keep it cool around.

What’s wrong? My wolf was very fidgety the last two days. She wouldn’t calm down, but she wouldn’t tell me what’s wrong either.

I don’t know. I feel something, but I don’t know what it is...

Mhmm… Is it a good or a bad feeling?

A good one, I think…

After that we both remain silent. . .

-Two days later-

Every member of our pack gathered in the front yard, in order to welcome the Shadow Wolves pack.

My wolf was more squirmy than ever, it was impossible to settle down.

What is wrong with you?

I think…I think…


Mate! She chirped happily Our mate is here!

Frantically I start to look around, wandering. But Matt being beside me, holds my shoulder and gives it a squeeze; Alpha’s orders were clear, to give the best impression and be polite.

I look up at him pleadingly, so he’d let me go but he shakes his head.

Our mate! He’s so close! She growled, wanting to get out.

“Please, welcome the Shadow Wolves Pack’s members, and their Alpha, Alpha Leo.

We all bow our heads in respect, but it’s so close, I cant stay still.

“Alexia, keep still, damn it!” My brother, Chris whisper-yells and glares at me.

“I can’t!” I mumble, before turning my head back down.

“As long as both packs respect each other’s members, if any of you find your mate have both mine and Alpha Max’s blessing, and we can also reassure you that you are welcomed to each other’s pack.”

Oh Moon Goddess, this voice is so… I can practically feel my knees bucking and I catch the first I can find.

Sparks shoot through my body, fireworks explode and the only thing I can hear is a soft growl. I look up and freeze. Dark green eyes pierce right into me, and a soft gasp escaped my lips that move in sync with his.



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I wish this year will be better than the previous one! I hope you had a great time :) 

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