Chapter 9

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                Sirens sounded along with the flashing red lights that approached the city area.  Meghan quickly wrapped her arms around me as I flinched in panic. My memory started to remember everything as I lay in her securing arms. Whatever was left of my heart sank all the way to ankles; pain and misery became my flesh and blood. My dad barged through the door first, right behind him my mom rushed in. They both embraced their lost child tightly, they both cried into her swollen and scarred arms. I missed myself, truly I did. I wanted my best friend back. I wanted my home back. I wanted everything back to the way it had been before. That seemed to always be the issue.  More than anything, I wanted to relive the past and that aspiration twisted my head into self-destruction. I couldn’t depict a future for myself since I had always planned a future with Jasey.

                Blood continued to gush out of my hand when the hospital assistance took me into the back of the ambulance. Only one person could come in the car with me, so my dad tagged along. The back of my head swelled like an allergic reaction from the antagonizing thoughts. Really, all I wanted there at that moment was my best friend.

 I looked to my side to see my dad praying into my good hand. Then I shifted my head to stare at my bad hand, where I pictured Jasey sitting there, crying so hard because she thought it was all her fault. She lifted her head and pushed the lock of pink her out of her face to see me. My lips decided to smile at the presence of her image; soon Jasey began to smile along. That’s when I knew she was there. She had always been there watching me, watching me make so many mistakes. Though I wanted to be disappointed in myself, I became insanely happy knowing that my best friend came along with me. With that thought, I snuggled my head against the stretcher and fell asleep, smiling.

                My eyes flickered open to the hospital room the doctors placed me in. The walls were dressed in ‘feel better’ cards that came in from my family and the window sill had a few gift baskets sit upon the ledges. To my right, there was a list of all the people who had visited me. I let my entire face shine when I saw Jenna’s name. Old friends of mine like Amy, Tyler, Colin, Colton and Charlene all sent me cards saying how they missed me. Cody and Maddie had some fruit baskets arranged for me. Johnny, the class president, sent me a letter that apparently spoke for everyone who knew me. It addressed me, assuring that everyone would try to make me feel more welcome. I couldn’t help but to be overwhelmed by joy.

                “Hey kid,” Meghan smiled as she entered the room.  Beside her stood Isabella’s friends Arthi and Gabrielle, they all looked at me with encouraging smiles.

                “Salutations,” I laughed a little bit as they walked over to the front of my bed. Arthi held two purple balloons that said ‘Feel better!’ and ‘Get well soon!’ on them. Gabrielle pouted to match her softly toned facial expression; she soon left the room covering her face with her hands.

                “I should probably go get her,” Meghan asserted and followed Gabrielle out the door. Arthi walked over to the right side of my bed and pulled up a chair next to me. She sat down and tied the balloons to the post of the bed and grinned at me.

                “Don’t worry about her, she’ll be fine soon. She just remembers the whole scene, walking into the hospital and everything.” Arthi nodded at the memory. I reached out to grab her hand so she would look up at me.

                “I made a big mistake,” I whispered to her. Arthi exhaled through her nose and lifted the edges of her lips.

                “We all make mistakes,” She answered while examining the room. “Life’s just a story. If there weren’t any conflicts, it wouldn’t be exciting. “

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