Chapter 6

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               Blondie ended up bringing me home to my parents. I don’t know how, but that’s what my parents said. They weren’t furious with me the next morning, but they decided it was time for me to go back to school. To be honest, my encounter in town made me want to surround myself with people who wouldn’t touch me, just so that I felt safe again. A lot of things had changed since the last time I’d been there, and people started to notice immediately.

               Although I was attacked by the brown haired guy, his suggestion of making my hair turquoise was taken into effect. During the weekend I bleached my hair and then re-dyed it to a light, turquoise shade. My uneven layers looked atrocious so I ended up straightening them paper thin. My bangs swooped right above my eyes, one side being longer than the other, but it suited my forehead. Staring at myself, I licked my lips and conflicted myself with the decision of applying makeup. I decided against it.

               My back to school outfit was simple. It consisted of a black hoodie with a black undershirt, black Converse shoes, and black skinny jeans. The day before I went back, I painted my nails blood red to give myself a little sarcastic color. I thought it was funny at the time, remembering my intentions were to keep everyone away.

                 Stepping through the doors to school was like opening the gate to hell. All heads were turned as I walked down the hall to get to the stair well.  I walked passed Jenna first, but she didn’t make any eye contact with me. Mouths were dropped, people started to whisper, and some girls even had the nerve to laugh. I sharply turned my head towards them and they quickly hushed. I sighed and continued to walk.

                 As I approached third floor I saw my math teacher walking by.

                 “Hi Mrs. Korb,” I greeted before she rushed by me. Hearing her name, she stopped and turned around, but when she didn’t see a familiar face she kept walking. I bit my bottom lip nervously and proceeded to my locker. It was then that I decided not to talk to anyone, including teachers.

                 My body shut down in every class, leaving me to stare blankly at whoever was talking. I didn’t pay attention, nor did I do any of the work, and so I felt like it was pointless to come to school. At lunch I started coming up with ways to skip class, or just get away with skipping school in general. I had a lot of time to think since I sat alone. Everyone kept their distance from me like planned. But I have to admit, I looked like a bigger freak than I appeared. I was still in the stage of not eating any food and I didn’t have any books to read, so I was sitting alone staring at the lunch table.

                To keep people from bickering about me, I walked out of the lunch room to roam around. I didn’t know what I was thinking. How would I be able to get people to stay away from me, when my appearance drew so much attention? No one would talk to me, but with their stares I could hear the insults. My stomach started to ache as my anxiety rose, and so I slipped into the nearest bathroom. There were girls who stood around gossiping but they stopped when I walked in. Hesitantly, I walked into the nearest stall. Not wanting to take off my jacket, I did the normal routine of someone going to the bathroom and took out a blade I kept handy with me. With toilet paper ready to sponge, I wrote love in the skin of my left thigh.

              I had grown used to the pain, but for a new body part it killed. I groaned a little while grinding my teeth, which scared the girls off. Rolling my eyes, I cleaned up my mess and threw out the paper. As I was washing my hands, I heard a familiar noise through the door of the girl’s bathroom.

             “I say this every day, but I am in love with your eyes. One the cloudiest of days, they clear my whole night sky. If only you’d see what I see.” A masculine voice sang. The lyrics sounded strangely familiar, and because I remembered them so well I followed the voice. I was lured to outside the music room where I peered in to the window to see a boy in a black and grey stripped Reasons Being jacket playing guitar.

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