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Pen Your Pride

{29} Hush, Howl


After trying to fight off Adrian for a long time, he finally got hold of my leg and threw me off. I soared in the air and finally slammed against something hard. Actually, I felt like I crashed through and landed on something firm, but soft. I tried moving my body, but my muscles don’t seem to comply with my commands. Besides, it felt like my energy’s been drained from a strenuous fight.

I managed to open my eyes with only a small gap. My vision was blurred at first, but I managed to perceive Adrian’s form. I looked around me and noticed I was exactly inside Zoe’s car.

Adrian’s talons flew from the ground and clamped the car’s body. There was a blood-curling scream that followed. It appears that I broke a few ribs, but I’ll be fine. Although I began panicking when I felt the car move, the screech ringing tauntingly in my ears.

I turned my head to the side and saw Adrian slowly pushing the car to the cliff-side. The car would eventually slide into that steep slope and fall on that balcony-like layer of rocks. After that, I’ll completely fall into the water.

The car was nearing the edge. I tried getting up from my position, but my wounds were clearly getting on the way. Sure, I can heal faster than normal. But my situation is a lot worse right now.

I clamped my hand over my stomach, but froze when I heard a voice. “Darren!”

It was high-pitched, on the verge of bawling, but I still found it . . . alluring. It sent chills traveling down my spine and I shuddered slightly. My determination rocketed as I came upon the one and only ‘impossible’ conclusion.

Using my left arm to support my throbbing ribs, I used the other one to pick myself up. Once I was sitting, I felt the car slowly slide off the slope. I held on the handle attached to the door as the car rolled after tripping over a rock. It practically ended up tumbling, in the end lying on its roof.

I used my other free hand to smash the broken door of the car, despite of the throbbing protests my body screamed. I scrambled onto my feet, clutching the skin above my broken ribs as I did so. I was well aware of the fact that I’m naked, but because I spotted some pants in the car, I slid it on.

I don’t even know why Zoe has pants in her car, for emergency purposes, I guess?

I did not have time to contemplate my idea for I was once again, attacked to the ground. I yelled in pain as I felt Adrian’s talons pierce the skin of my shoulder, the other on my side. I closed my eyes out of sheer agony.

“I’ve had enough!” I heard a scream, mainly coming from Zoe. “This’ll all be over!” She yelled. I heard some snapping of bones, followed by shredding of some clothes.

I was lucky someone did attack Adrian, causing both of them to fly off and over the cliff. Two squawks simultaneously rang in the air and I realized it was Zoe. They let themselves fall, but then spread their wings and shot towards the sky, twirling in a battle-like motion.

The fact that Zoe is an Ave did not seize to make me think. I know that she is on our side, despite of Adrian being her mate. She has proven herself to us through loyalty, and of course, she never betrayed. She said she’d had enough of all the vengeance Adrian wanted and thought it’d be better if she comes with us. She concluded it will make him realize the wrongdoings he committed, but so far, it hasn’t worked. Daniel being her cousin was only a cover-up story for all those who do not know of that fact. She has masked her own scent and replaced it with something . . . wolf-like.

I tried standing up once more, aware that Zoe is fighting off her own mate. But the pain was too much, I felt so weak. I cursed softly for letting my guards down. I should’ve been more aware of my surroundings, but once again, I was too preoccupied thinking about whose voice that call belonged to.

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