Chapter 3

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                Whenever I think of the days before the concert I can’t help but to smile to myself. I remember waking up every morning to a text from Jasey saying however many days were left. It was a countdown that she did, though I was sure she kept the hours and possibly even minutes tracked in her head as well. I didn’t spend any of those school days hanging out with Jasey after school like I usually did because she was so busy studying for all of her tests. That’s what made everything even better though. She was trying in all of her school subjects, not just one. I really felt like she wanted to impress me, and it was working.

                Almost all of our tests were put on Wednesday or Thursday, which meant we would receive them back graded on Friday. Though she didn’t ace all of her tests, she passed every single one and aced the geometry test. She had done her part of the deal. I had known that even before she showed me her test. Our teacher handed her the paper and immediately Jasey’s eyes glazed over like they had several nights before. The only difference was her eyes weren’t dilated, they were calm. She turned to look at me with a smile that created dimples. When the bell rang, we got up out of our seats, walked out the door of the classroom and embraced each other in a hug.       

                “I told you that you could do it.” I smiled behind her ear, “You just got to believe in yourself more often.”

                “Thank you,” She whispered into my ear. “You’re the best friend any one could ever ask for.” She smiled and we both pulled away so we could depart to our lockers. I gathered up my things and met Jasey at the bottom of the stairwell, where we’d meet almost every day after school. She was so excited that she had called her foster mother Ronda to pick us up and take us home, rather than taking the bus.

                As Ronda pulled up to my house, I informed Jasey to come over as soon as possible so that we could leave and wait outside the concert doors.

                “I’m already ready!” Jasey yelped, getting out of the car with me. She took off her jacket revealing her favorite Reasons Being shirt that was designed with a bunch of lyrics all over it. It was light pink and enhanced the sight of her hair color. 

                “I see you’ve pinked yourself up a bit,” I said, referring to her pink feather eye lash and pink eye liner. She winked and giggled like a child and ran past me to my front steps. I waved goodbye to Ronda, and told her that we would be safe.

                “You have fun now Kiersten, don’t let Jasey spoil your night.” She said.

                “She never has,” I assured her with a nod. Ronda nodded her head with a grin, rolled up the window and drove away to her house. I unlocked my front door and raced Jasey to my room like we usually did, and of course she beat me. I scrambled through all my drawers and my closet to find a decent out fit to wear, and I came across my black skinny jeans and my crop top Reasons Being shirt. I slipped into the bathroom and quickly changed my outfit.  When I walked back into my room Jasey was examining everything.

                “What’s this?” She said pointing to the top of my bureau. I looked at what she was pointing to and answered her question.

                “That’s a bobble head trophy,” I answered her, grabbing it off my bureau. “It’s supposed to be on my trophy shelf but I guess my mom found it lying around.” I placed the trophy on my trophy shelf and turned around to Jasey again.

                “How about that?” She asked, referring to chords hanging off my drawer handle.

                “Those would be my guitar chords; you act like you’ve never seen them.” I questioned, gazing at her confused. She sighed and looked around my bureau some more and came across another unknown object.

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