Chapter 2

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                A dream to me is either a vault of memories you keep locked up in your head, or an aspiration of your own. For instance, my dreams usually consist of what has happened to me in the past or what I want to happen. The weird thing though is that I hardly ever remember my dreams. The ones that I remember are either scary enough that I don’t want to remember or they just seem too unreal to tell.

                I did in fact have a dream that night and it was of me and Jasey at the concert I promised to buy her tickets to. We were coming out of the concert and Jasey had a smile on her face that stretched from ear to ear, a smile that I never get to see. I shifted my focus from Jasey’s face and looked up to the sky. Rain started to hail down as black clouds covered the skies. It was pure darkness with the exceptions of the bolts of lightning striking every other second. All I could hear was the pitter-pattering of the rain against the paved ground and the rumbling of thunder. I looked to my right to see that my beloved friend was gone. I looked around me to find that everyone else had vanished too. I was standing alone in the rain.

                I woke up to the vibrations of Jasey’s cell phone, which was lying on the ground next to my head. Lazily picking it up, I looked at the screen and it appeared that Bill and Ronda had been trying to get a hold of her all night. I assumed she must’ve forgotten to inform them she had spent the night, that or she purposely didn’t tell them. I flipped the covers off of myself, looked up at Jasey who was still sleeping on my bed, and dragged myself out of my room to call her foster parents up. I explained to them that we were talking for so long that I left my room to get water and she had passed out. They didn’t need very much detail from me; they quickly accepted my excuse.

                I didn’t know whether or not it was a good thing that Jasey’s foster parents trusted me more than they trusted her. I appeared to be more trustworthy at times, but in some cases Jasey and I were the same person.  It’s hard to take into consideration the way Jasey treated them, because then most would assume them disliking her was her own fault. But what people didn’t remember was that Jasey never had a real father and her mother passed away, so she didn’t want another family just to lose them again.

                Walking back into my room, Jasey was stretching herself across my bed with a big yawn and sat up. She stared at me with her hazel eyes in satisfaction of a goodnights sleep. She patted the bed as a sign to sit next to her, but I stood still.

                “Someone forgot to tell Ronda about her sleepover plans,” I stated sternly as Jasey quickly rolled her eyes.

                “It’s not like they’d care if I died,” She snapped. I gave her a scolding eye and reached down for my laptop. When I grabbed it I sat on the bed next to her, opened the lid, and began to type into the search box ‘Reason’s Being Tour Dates’. When Jasey saw me typing that she clenched her fists in excitement. I reached the official website of Reasons Being and ordered two general admission tickets to the concert that would take place Friday at the Indigo Theatre.

                “I’ll throw yours away and go alone if you don’t remember our deal,” I warned, but she waved the thought away.

                “Today’s Sunday right?” She asked quickly opening her hands to count her fingers. “That means only…” She trailed off in a distant thought. I laughed to myself as she had trouble doing the simplest of math. Jasey Maria was never good at math, or science, or really any school subject. Music was her passion, though she could hardly write a song. She usually left that up to me, and would write music to go along with it.

                “The day will come sooner than you know it,” I replied.  She hopped out of my bed and went straight to my bathroom.

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