An awkward meeting

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You stretched as your very tired feet dragged you forward. You had a long day at work, and just a long day in general. All you wanted to do was face-plant into your bed and sleep.

You actually started dozing off while walking. You felt yourself bump into something and snapped your eyes open, jumping back. What you saw before you, seemed to be a skeleton in very colorful clothes, and wearing shades that said 'YO LO'. He was giving you a very confused look.

"I'm so sorry!" you said blushing in embarrassment. "Don't ya think you should wait until you're home to be fallin' asleep?" The skeleton asked. That only made your blush spread. "I just had a very long and tiring day." You said. "Again, I'm very sorry."

The skeleton shrugged. "Whateves. Accidents happen." He said. "I'm Y/N, by the way." You said. "Uh... Fresh." The skeleton replied. "Fresh? That's an interesting name." You said.

Fresh shrugged again. "You'd better be headin' home before you pass out in the middle of the street." He said. He then began walking away.

"Well... That was awkward..." You said to yourself. But you watched him walk away. You sighed and yawned, trudging yourself forward.

As soon as you reached your house you went in and up to your room. You actually did face-plant onto your bed, falling asleep.
Hey! Hope you like the first chapter to my new book!

Word count: 244

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