~Adam's POV~

I'm all jittery and nervous today. Why? Look at the title.

Surprisingly enough I wake up before my alarm, I pull on a nice dress shirt and some jeans and rush downstairs.

I quickly throw a poptart in the toaster and wait. It pops up and I grab the smoltering pastry and put it on my plate. I can hardly stop myself from screaming, mostly at the fact I'm graduating but the burning flesh on my hand helps too.

I wake up my mom an dshe comes down stairs, "Eager, aren't we?" she croaks. I smile in response. she pours herself up a bowl of cereal and sits beside me.

After I had finished it I went upstairs to brush my teeth and hair. I tried to slick it back but apparently that doesn't look good with curly hair.

I washed it out and combed it again.

I though no need of bringing a back-pack so I simpily went on my way.

I met up with Mitch and Jerome who seemed to be waiting outside.

Jerome had a tie on but not much else, Mitch had his hair spiked and wore a vest.

"Jerome, you didn't dress up? I'd expect you to be the one to dress up if anyone." I chuckled. "I have a change of clothes for grad." He replied.

Ty and Sarah were already at school. I didn't expect Sarah to dress up but she did, not anything to fancy though, a nice T-shirt and a bow-tie.

Ty must've had an extra bow-tie. I didn't question it.

Ty must've had a change too becuase he didn't dress up.

I walked up to them and was met with a friendly wave. "You're looking dapper." sarah said as she analyzed my get-up.

I nodded, "you're not to bad looking yourself." She crossed her hands over her chest and grinned in response.

The bell rang and we eagerly went to our classes.

~Time-skip to after school becuase I can~

I was even more nervous then this morning. Our grad pictures had been taken the period before so we were all dressed up. Jerome wore a tux (figures) and Ty had a nice dress shirt similar to mine.

I was jumping up and down so much I'm surprised I didn't loose my socks.

As we entered the gym Sarah waited in the front patiently for us. We got our diplomas and sat back with the audience. All 4 of us surrouned Sarah, forming something akin to a sandwich.

The princaple gave a nice speech about 'how we were a great class' and 'how we'll be missed' but the cheesiest being 'how we're now grown-ups'.

Now were on our own in the cruel world called reality. I'd promised myself I'd move out by the time I'd graduate, and I'm sticking to it.

We were congradulated and sent off on our way.

As we were walking out the gym into a new world Sarah mumbled something in my ear,

"Your finally a man now."

Oh, Sarah.



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