A Night Out On The Town

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''Baby come on were gonna be late for dinner.''I said applying my lipstick to my lips. I was hoping for once Ace would be on time for something once, but I guess I was wrong.

Ace walked into my bedroom in sweats with his shirt off. I can't believe his ass wasn't ready. I specifically told his ass that dinner was at 8:45 p.m and it was now 7:57 p.m.

I stood in my bathroom mirror with my black silk robe on doing my make up and curling my hair as ace walked up behind me grabbing my waist and kissing my neck.

''Ace don't even think about it, maybe if we had some extra time then we could work something out but we don't. We're gonna be late if you don't hurry up.''I said

''No, we won't we got plenty of time.''He said rubbing my thighs.

''Okay Ace, you gone end up not getting none at all if you don't get ready.'' I said laughing while walking out of my bathroom and into my closet searching for something to wear.

''Don't be threatening me like that Alexis.''

''The power of the pussy bae.''I said with a smirk.

He smacked my lips. ''You ain't right. I got this girl, Im'a get ready but when we get back just know I'ma wear yo ass out.''he said while smacking my ass.

''I know baby.''I said while kissing his lips ''Now go get ready.''He said going into the bathroom getting in the shower. I ended up picking out this cute black jumper that hugged my body just right Black was my signature look I just loved how my body looked in that color and so did ace. I slipped my robe off me lotioning up my body and putting on a thong and the v cut jumper hearing the water turn off so I knew ace was out the shower. He came out the bathroom with nothing but a towel on.


''Damn, I got the finest future baby mama ever

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''Damn, I got the finest future baby mama ever.''Ace said while eying me up and down.

''Awww thank you future baby daddy.''I said while grabbing my shoes from my closet ''So you gone tell me where we going yet?''

''It's a surprise shorty.'' ace said while dropping his towel and putting on his boxers. He decided to wear all black as well and boy was he looking damn good, he always did. He had me ready to do a few things to him.

''Don't give me that look unless you trynna get something started Alexis.''He said finishing getting ready.

''Oh so I can't look at what's mines?''I said laughing some.

''Not if you ain't trynna get fucked then hell nah.''He said as I laughed.

''Whatever ace hurry up and get ready I don't wanna be late.''I said going over to my full body mirror and checking myself out.

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