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It was mostly dwarf couples who were enjoying the sudden appearance of music. But the few who had travelled from Dale had joined in too.

Náriel smiled and watched as the couples flitted and swirled across the floor. "Do you dance?" She looked up to Thorin, he frowned and still looked awkwardly to the couples. "Is that a no?" She smirked.

Rolling his eyes, Thorin held out his hand. "Princess, would you care to dance?" He could see where she was going with her words.

"Oh," Náriel smiled and gently slipped her hand into his. "I thought you'd never ask. Honestly, I thought I'd have to keep hinting." She smiled as the hold on her hand tightened slightly as Thorin pulled her forwards. Reaching up, she gently laid her hand on his shoulder, as his other hand rested against her waist. He slowly pulled her forwards, Náriel faltered a step yet smiled it off as she was suddenly pulled into the current of couples around them. Náriel glanced at the people they passed and found herself smiling rather happily. So far, this was the highlight of the evening. The previous awkward meal beside her uncle was erased by the drinking competition, and this was over-written by the simple joy of dancing.

The happiness she was feeling hadn't gone unnoticed, it was hard to miss when she was smiling so fondly. Dancing wasn't exactly something which Thorin particularly enjoyed joining in with, but he found enjoyment from it when his dancing partner was so amused and seemingly content. Naturally it came to a sudden end when a hand was placed on Náriel's shoulder.

She pulled slowly away from Thorin, she hadn't really noticed when they had become so close, there was barely any space between them. "Uncle," she said quietly. "Would you care for a dance?" She smiled innocently up at him, Thranduil inclined his head, Thorin frowned lightly and stepped aside he slowly merged with the surrounding crowd who were watching.

Thorin knew why they had been interrupted. He had seen Thranduil's reaction to them spending time together. Fisting hands usually meant unhappiness or even anger. Thorin could only imagine the annoyance the Elvenking was feeling towards them being so close and seeing Náriel so happy. This wasn't to say she wasn't still smiling when dancing with her uncle, because she was. Was it foolishness to think that she felt happier when dancing with him? Frowning lightly Thorin turned away and walked to a set of large glass doors. He had made his way over by sticking close to the walls. He didn't want to interrupt the dancers by cutting across in front of them.

Pushing the doors open, cool night air greeted him. Walking out onto a balcony which led from the hall, he leaned his hands against the railing. He inhaled the night air and exhaled slowly. It felt good to be in the cool of the night. It was actually rather hot in the hall, which was to be expected considering the amount of people present.

"This is where you went?" Turning he looked to Náriel, who was quietly shutting the doors. He looked at her curiously. She pointed up to her eyes, "Not a lot I don't see, remember? This even includes dwarf-Princes shuffling secretly off."

"I didn't shuffle."

"You shuffled," she smiled and walked to stand by his side. Leaning against the railing she looked up to the bright moon which was casting everything in a silver glow. Behind them the quiet sounds of music, laughter and singing was the only thing which could really be heard. "Why did you leave? I am more than sure that there are plenty of young, beautiful dwarf ladies in there just waiting to dance with you, I'm sure the attention you'd give them would make them exceedingly happy." Náriel said while drumming her fingers quietly on the railing.

"Your words may be true, Princess. But I am more than sure I have danced with a good number of those ladies before. I'm also more than sure they'll survive without my attention." He said in an equal light hearted tone to the one she used. Náriel smiled at his words and nodded slowly. Thorin smiled lightly too and leaned against the railing.

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