Cold outside, warm inside 1

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This October was colder than usual. Weather was supposed to turn very ugly in just a few days and everyone was preparing for the "winter of the century". Most of the leaves have fallen so the ground wasn't grey as usual roads are. It was brown, red, yellow, somewhere green. It looked like some artist had fun on it.

Elizabeth was just in the middle of her lunch when her father came in like maniac and started shouting. She and her mother just stood there with pale faces and no idea what's going on. He actually hasn't said anything that made sense but his voice was enough to make Ellie cry. She usually wasn't a cry-baby but her father Evan always made her cry when he raised his voice. Ellie always remembers when she was about 8-years old and she didn't want to eat the soup her father made for her. He said to her that she is not a princess, people won't like her just for her. In addition to that there was a moment in her young life when he called her fat. Too fat to be loved. That remained with her and she thought that's the reason why she always cried near him. So she did what she has always been doing in situations like that. She went to her room, turned on her white laptop and started a blog post. She was pouring her whole soul into those posts and that usually made her happier. Calmer, at least. This time it didn't help. She didn't know what to do. This was her only option. Elizabeth felt like falling apart and she didn't want to show it again. She made something up about meeting her friends and went out.

"It's time to break some hearts." - said Jonathan as he was getting ready for his daily run. He knew people were turning heads to see him. He liked it. How wouldn't he? But he has never let this hit his head, he stood firmly on the ground as any other person. It passed a whole month, and more, that he was living in the big city and he got familiar with it. He has chosen levee near the river as his place to work out. This became his other home. It was peaceful, quiet and, after 9 p.m. almost without living soul. He put his black earplugs in his ears, connected them to his black mobile phone that had all the newest gadgets and software and he was ready to go. He always knew how to put the highlight on himself. With clothes and accessories too. Today, he was all dressed up in black. It was his favorite color, after all.

Ellie stormed out of her father's apartment. He was always emphasizing that it is his apartment, not theirs. She even forgot her jacket how angry and sad she was. Other than that, she looked amazing. She put on her grey T-shirt with a lion's head printed on it, tights and her favorite brown boots. She didn't take her bag, just a wallet and a mobile phone. She literally ran away. She was running without a plan where she is going. She didn't even want to take a bus to go somewhere. After some time, Ellie got tired so she walked towards the river. It was her new place to cry. It was almost 9:30 p.m. and the river was empty. All she wanted was to be alone with her thoughts.

As Jonathan was running, he could see the last person leaving his spot and that it was just him, the river and the fresh air. Until he saw somebody under the bridge. She, the girl with long brown hair, was sitting there curled up so her face wasn't visible. Usually Johnny would just run by her, it's not his problem and he wouldn't put his nose where he's not suppose to. But this time something dragged him to see that girl up close. Maybe it was the fact that she had no jacket and it was really cold outside since it became dark and maybe it was the fact that she was crying and shaking.

Jonathan took his earplugs out, turned off his music and slowly went down, closer to that poor girl. "Hi. Is everything OK?" - he asked her gently. She didn't answer. "Can I help you somehow? I could call a cab or something..." - he was starting to become very nervous. This is not something he does on daily basis. - "Look, I wanna help you. With whatever it is. If I can, of course. But, you'll have to say something." She wiped of her tears, still wasn't saying anything. After few moments, she decided to find out who was that guy that has such a warm heart to help a stranger in the middle of the night. She was turning her head very slowly and both of their hearts were pumping very fast. Neither one of them was expecting a familiar face. They surely weren't strangers.

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