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      Sloane's first week at school had passed by uneventfully. She surrounded herself with the same people, always making sure to stick close by to Angela and Ben whenever she could since they were the kindest in the little group of friends Sloane had made, and made sure that she was studying enough for any upcoming pop quizzes, which Angela had stated wasn't completely unusual to expect in Varner's Trigonometry class.

      Among her normal peers consisting of the people she ate lunch with, Sloane had also been trying to interact more with the two Cullen brothers that sat behind her. Every time she tried to include them in conversations, however, Emmett was the one that did most of the talking, and even then he made sure phrased his answers in a way that made any follow-up questions impossible. He was always polite about it, but Sloane quickly figured out he'd prefer that he and his brother kept to themselves, so after the first three days, Sloane had decided it was a moot point. She didn't have much interaction with the other Cullens, just the occasional friendly wave to Emmett and Jasper's other siblings if she saw them in passing.

      The first weekend off of school was spent trying to nurse Rachel, who had developed a slight cold, back to health. This task fell on Sloane since Brandon was working the entirety of the weekend, but it wasn't all bad. It mostly just meant she made sure her aunt took her medicine when she was supposed to and made sure she didn't go to bed without having eaten anything. Sloane was currently sitting on the couch, watching some old reruns of a show Rachel had used to watch as a kid while her aunt angrily popped a thermometer in her mouth, scrunching her face as if willing it to be an acceptable temperature. When the small device between her fingers beeped, Rachel pulled it out of her mouth and stared at it with a grumpy expression on her face.

      "It's only a hundred today," Rachel commented, letting out an annoyed sigh. She threw the thermometer towards the other side of the room in a childish gesture that made Sloane want to laugh. "That's not better."

      Sloane had quickly realized that her aunt Rachel was the type of person that didn't like being sick. At all. Rachel had been complaining since the fever had hit her Thursday night, and she was still complaining on Saturday morning. Twice Brandon had caught her trying to go out to her car and go into work, which resulted in him yelling about how she was crazy and she'd infect all her coworkers before firmly pushing her back to bed and hiding her car keys in a cupboard in the bathroom. Rachel had tried to get Sloane to tell her where they were, but Sloane kept her mouth shut. "It's better than yesterday," Sloane replied, trying to be positive. Yesterday, her temperature had been a hundred and two. 

      "It's still sick," Rachel complained, letting her head fall back against the back of the couch. Whatever was on the television had long since kept her attention and mostly served as background noise as the two talked. "I might have to suck it up and let you take me to Doctor Cullen. I'm pretty sure I need antibiotics stronger than Tylenol."

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