Hello stranger

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It was the next morning and everything that went on last night was still on my mind. I wish I could just forget it, but I knew it wasn't that easy. I looked at my phone seeing 5 text messages and two missed calls from my father. I didn't want to talk to him at least not right now. I told him I needed space and if he really loved me like he said he did he'd respect that.
I decided to go down stairs and see if ace was up. When I went down I seen some guy sitting on the couch with ace. He was dark skinned, tatted and all in his phone, he could be a gangster or something who knows.

''Good morning big head, you sleep good?''Ace said looking at me with the stranger.

''Yeah I did, Ace who is this?''I said looking at the guy who was staring back at me, I mean he could've spoke with his rude ass.

''Oh this ugly ass nigga? this ain't nobody but my homie T.''Ace said.

''Ugly? Nigga have you seen yo self lately?'' The guy said laughing some.

''Yeah whatever nigga. ''Ace said laughing.

''Nice to meet you T , I'm ace's sister '' I said attempting to be nice.

''You too, Ace is my right hand man and I know you his baby sis so that makes you mine to, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask. ''T said as I nodded my head.

''That's good to know, uhhh ace can I talk to you in the kitchen?''I said turning my attention back to Ace, I wasn't too sure about this T character.

''Uh oh I'm gone B, I know that look from anywhere. I got two baby moms.''T said while grabbing his phone off the table and laughing.
''I'll hit you later ace be easy.''

''Alright bro be safe.''Ace said dapping up T.

''What was that all about Mel?''Ace said walking in the kitchen with me on his tail.

''Is that who you work with doing whatever the hell you do?'' I questioned, wasn't no need to sugar coat or whatever.

''Not this Mel, look that's just my homie I've been knowing him since I've moved down here.''Ace said, but I didn't really believe his ass.

''Okay ace Ima take your word and just leave it alone ..... FOR NOW.'' I said rolling my eyes, he ain't slick but I'll just chill until I gather more information. ''Anyways what did you cook big head I'm hungry?''I said changing the subject.

''Yeah about that .... I don't cook baby sis, but there is a corner store less then 10 minutes away who makes the best breakfast tacos ever. You can go walk and get you some.''he said taking a bottle of water out the fridge.

''WALK? Me? You must be crazy.''I said rolling my eyes, he had me messed up if he thought I was about to walk my ass anywhere.

''Girl it's only 5-7 minutes away, damn.''he said laughing , but I didn't find anything funny.

''Why can't I drive that fancy ass Mercedes Benz of yours huh?''I questioned.

He spit out his water he was drinking and grabbed his chest with his dramatic ass.

''That's not funny girl, I'll never let anyone drive my baby but me.''He said as I smacked my lips, he was so extra man.

''Fine Ace I'll walk, but if anything happens to me it's on you.''I said, shit I heard New York can be dangerous.

''Thats my baby sis and Mel chill the store is literally right there.'' He said while kissing my cheek.

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