"We're here." Carter said. I opened the door and got out. I slammed the door and looked around. I know Mike was here somewhere. He always came to this park when he wanted to do his "business."

"He's right there. Cater, Tyler, and Max can go. We'll wait right here." Alex said. Jake started to say something, but as soon as I saw him, I went straight to him.

"Damien! What can I-" He didn't get to finish his sentence. I lunged at him and went straight for his pretty little face he thinks he has. I kept punching him over and over. He tried to cover his face, but I wasn't having that. His nose started gushing blood. I grabbed his head and slammed it on the ground.

"Fuck!" Carter said. They tried to pull me off him, but I kept hitting him. They finally got me up and I kicked him right in his stomach. Mike started coughing and tried to stand up.

"Get off me!" I yelled. They let me go and backed up. Mike chuckled and looked up at me.

"Someone is a little angry." He smirked. He's all bloody and he still wants to make jokes?

"You little fucking cunt! You fucked with the wrong girl! Why? Tell me that! " I yelled. He just started laughing. I was losing it and I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer.

"You mean Gabriella? You're mad because I had her after you? Was she that good? Because she wasn't that good when I fucked her. Actually, all she did was lay there like a good little bitch she is!" He started laughing harder.

"WHAT!" Carter yelled. Max grabbed him and held him back.

"Don't you dare." I said low. Mike smirked and started getting up. He had a hard time getting up, but he did.

"You know, I used to respect you, Damien. I even looked up to you, but then... you turned on me. " Mike scowled.

"Your point?" I raised my eyebrow.

"We used to be on top. We worked together and then you turn on me! You fucking left me to die. We were in this together and you just move and think everything will be okay. He got them to fucking kill me! You think because you move away you'll change and not be a bad guy anymore? Look what you're still doing! Beating people up and walking around here like you're the shit. You're not the shit, I'm the shit now!" Mike yelled.

I knew this would come down to this. Mike and I used to run around together. We were working for one of the top guys in the state. We thought we were big shots because we worked for one of the most powerful and feared gang in the state. We sold drugs and fucked people up, but I knew it was wrong. I started to see a different side of me that I didn't like. I knew I had to stop once they asked us to kill someone. I had to get out and I told Mike, but he didn't want to listen. To be honest, Jerry has always liked me more than Mike. Mike wanted to prove something to Jerry, so he went to do the job. I told Jerry that I needed to stop and he understood. He warned us that this wasn't the right life. Mike wanted to be a bad ass, so he went anyway. It didn't go as planned and Mike almost died. I felt bad, but I tried to warn him.

I felt bad at first, but it was his decision. He knew what I was doing and he still chose to go do the job. It's not my fault his stupid ass almost got killed. After the whole shit, Mike changed. He always tried to act like he was some big tough guy. He wanted people to fear him. I thought he was just a big joke. I think Mike has always been jealous of me. I got the girls he wanted, I got the friends he wanted, I got the the respect he always craved for. It kills him that I'll always be better than him.

"Guess what? I don't give a fuck about your little lame ass speech. Maybe if you stopped being a little bitch then you'll get the respect. I get it because I'm not a fraud like you. I tried to stay out of your way, but you fucked with my girl." I stepped up to him.

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