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Entheogender– A gender similar to a psychedelic or spiritual experience, unable to be explained or understood in mundane terms.

Entrogender– A gender that feels as if it is fading away.

Equigender– Being multiple genders in perfectly equal parts.

Espigender– A gender which is related to being a spirit or exists on higher or extradimensional planes.

Evaisgender– A fluid gender influenced by its surroundings. Also known as aerogender, locugender.

Exgender– An outright refusal to accept or identify in, on, or around the gender spectrum. Also known as egender.

ExiccogenderA gender which, when thought about, feels empty and has a draining effect, making the individual feel empty themselves.

Existigender– A gender which only exists or is noticeable when thought about or when a conscious effort is made to notice it.

Expecgender- A gender which changes depending on who you are around. Also known as pivotgender.

Explorogender– A gender dedicated to feeling and exploring many other different genders at random times. It is constantly changing. (Explorogender can change daily and you can change it accordingly; this is just a name for that desire to constantly explore and change your gender.) Note: this does not extend the ability to explore genders people don't have access to. (neurodivergent and cultural ones, etc.)

Faegender– A gender that changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases.

Fascigender– A gender experience largely related to a special interest; for autistic people.

Faunagender– A gender influenced by animals.

Fawngender– A gender that is explored through timidity and caution, but blossoms into something natural and cute.

Felisgender– A small, catlike gender.

Femfluid– Having fluctuating or fluid gender feelings that are limited to feminine genders. Subset of endogender, also known as venufluid.

Femgender– A non-binary gender which is primarily feminine in nature. Do not use femmegender unless you are a lesbian, as otherwise it is appropriative of lesbian culture.

Firegender– A fluid gender in a constant state of change that never truly extinguishes. Aesthetically linked to fire as a visual metaphor or symbol.

Fissgender– A gender experience that is in some way split, similar to bigender or demigenders.

Flirtgender– A gender where your primary interaction with gender feelings is that of flirtateousness – either with gender, or people/the outside world. Also known as amogender or genderamas.

Flowergender– A gender that is more strongly felt during the daytime than at night. Also known as diurnalgender.

Fluidflux– A combination of genderfluid and genderflux, where gender moves between two or more genders and also fluctuates in intensity.

Foggender– A gender which is close to a certain gender, but cannot be directly pinpointed due to brainfog (a lack of concentration or wakefulness associated with ADHD, fibromyalgia, depression, etc.)

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