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Systemgender– A gender which is defined as a sum of all the genders within a multiple or median system.

Tachigender– A gender that changes quickly or that otherwise has to do with high speed.

Tangender– Having one gender felt with the most certainty, but then at times flowing away from it and quite possibly beyond; inspired by both the tangent function graph and the concept of a tangent line.

Tauragender– When someone's gender stays the same for an extended amount of time due to the comfort they feel with that gender. The gender may change but the individual is reluctant for that change due to stubbornness, but when they do allow the change it is usually for the better.

Technogender– Only comfortable with one's gender when using technology/online, usually because of social anxiety (specialized for people with anxiety disorders).
Telegender– A gender one feels a disconnect and distance from almost to the point of not feeling it.

Tempgender– A gender identity that feels temporary and is replaced often.

Temporagender– A gender that changed with seasons.

Tenuigender– A small, delicate, fragile gender.

Tragender– A gender that stretches over the whole spectrum of gender.

Traumatgender– A gender identity that has been heavily influenced by past traumatic experiences or ongoing/present trauma.

Trigender– Identifying as three genders; may be static or fluid.

Turbogender– A gender that you have tried to figure out but is too confusing and tangled.

Ungender– See antigender.

Vaguefluid– A gender which is fluid, but determining one's current gender is difficult due to neurodivergency.

Vagueflux– A gender which is in flux, but determining the intensity of one's gender is difficult due to neurodivergency.

Vaguegender– A gender being mostly or around a certain gender (or mostly around a certain gender), but is only approximate on account of difficulty defining it due to one's neurodivergence or brain fog.

Vapogender– A gender that sort of feels like smoke. One can see it and understand it on a shallow level but if one tried to go deeper it disappears, and one is left with no gender and only tiny wisps of the gender one thought it was.

Vectorgender– When your gender is in the direction of something, but not actually that something. ie a vectorgirl would be someone with a gender pointed in or traveling in the direction of girlness, but who is not actually a girl.

Veloxigender– A fluid gender which moves too quickly for the owner to be able to identify what gender they are at a given time.

Venngender– When two genders overlap with each other, creating a whole new gender; in relation to a venn diagram

Venufluid– See femfluid.

Verangender– A gender that seems to shift/change the moment it's identified.

Vestigender– A gender that blankets another, stronger, gender. It's the only visible gender, but underneath there is much more of the blanketed gender than there is of the blanket gender.

Vibragender– A gender that is usually one, stable gender, but occasionally fluctuates and

changes before stabilizing again.
Videgender– See aesthetgender.

Videogender– A gender that feels too robotic/technological to be classified by human standards note: this gender is for the use of any robotic/mechanical kintypes only

Virgender– When one is practically genderless due to stress; when it is too stressful to have or maintain a gender.

Vocigender– A gender which feels weak and hollow.

Voidfluid– Being genderfluid, but none of the genders can be clearly defined as masculine, feminine or neutral.

Voidgender– See gendervoid.

Witchgender– A gender that has closeness or connection to witchcraft and magic. It has a feeling of power and magic to it.

Xenogender– A nonbinary gender identity that cannot be contained by human understandings of gender; more concerned with crafting other methods of gender categorization and hierarchy such as those relating to animals, plants, or other creatures/things. It's mainly an umbrella term for genders with themes such as nouns, archetypes, synesthetic experiences, neurodivergences.

Xirl– Someone who identifies in some way as a nonbinary girl or nonbinary girl-adjacent. Someone who identifies with some part of woman/girlhood but who wants a more nonbinary and neutral sounding word because they aren't entirely girls or don't want to be associated with the typical ideas brought up by the word "girl."

Xoy– Someone who identifies in some way as a nonbinary boy or nonbinary boy-adjacent. Someone who identifies with some part of man/boyhood but who wants a more nonbinary and neutral sounding word because they aren't entirely boys or don't want to be associated with the typical ideas brought up by the word "boy."

Xumgender– Never being satisfied with your gender due to constant self-doubt or identity issues, causing one to compulsively search and seek out something that fits as perfect as possible–to find "the gender" or "the one truth"–though one will never be found due to one's neurotype, because words will never be able to describe it, and/or its own properties paradox itself. This frequent anxiety and doubt even causes this gender to feel imperfect to the individual.

Zodiacgender– A catch-all gender term that is used to describe when one's gender is related to a (or their specific) zodiac sign.

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