She Fell For It

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Laughter was echoing throughout the house as I sat in my bedroom pissed off. You could ask me,
Lana why aren't you downstairs enjoying the fun with everyone else?

Welllllllll it would be fake of me.

There are five boys downstairs, one including my brother who knows that one of the guys are dating my best friend just to have sex with her. But wait! It's not just any ordinary sex, she's a virgin.

And they do this shit for sport.

How evil is that? I don't know what I would do if I was in that situation.

After catching Melissa and Justin in the hall choking on each others tongues and then running into carter who's always trying to hypnotize me with his god damn eyes I'm just feeling...well I don't know how I was feeling but it was a freaking nightmare to sit in my room like this while they were all downstairs with my parents having the time of there lives.

And to make it even worse someone was knocking on my door.

"Ugh!" I sighed loudly so the Person knocking could here me.

I opened the door and had to laugh a little. Carter just wouldn't give up.

"Yes?" I smirked. I just couldn't help it. He was extremely handsome but dumb as hell for thinking I was falling for his tricks. Very dumb.

"Are you okay?" His deep voice boomed with concern.

"Yeah." I nodded. "Just not in the mood to be around everyone right now." I admitted.

Carter licked his lips while leaning against my door frame. "Just come down for a little. You and I can just talk if you don't want to talk to everyone else." He suggested while shrugging. He was so tall that he had no choice but to stare down at me.

I pressed my lips together thinking about coming down until he interrupted me.

"I didn't realize you had dimples." He said, his voice rising. "Look at me." He used his hand to lift my head so I was looking in his green eyes. Since I was smiling like a fool I knew my dimples were definitely out on display right now.

As we stared at each other I noticed his eyes slightly drop down to my lips, then he slowly dragged them back up to my eyes. As if he was snapping out of a stare down His facial expression went from kind of happy to abruptly bothered. He slowly slid his hand off me and cleared his throat.


"Nothing." He suddenly smirked while shaking his head.
"So Are you coming? Because your parents are downstairs and I know you've missed them. They can't stop talking about you."

I shook off the feeling he gave me from staring at me the way he did and focused on what he said.
Those words won me over. I nodded and followed Carter downstairs to join our dysfunctional group of friends and my parents.

"Oh honey there you are!" Mom said and everyone looked at me as I walked down the steps. I saw Melissa siting on Justin's lap and I rolled my eyes.
"Tell everyone about how you knocked that midget in the ocean when we went on vacation last year." She announced and everyone fell out laughing. I giggled a little as I joined them.

After I told my little story We were all lounging in the living room talking and laughing. We were all in different groups though it seemed.

My dad, Daniel, Michael and Caleb were talking about football on one couch while Melissa and Justin were talking beside me,
and carter and I were on the far end of the other couch talking with my mother.

"I've always pictured Elana having a boyfriend that looks just like you." My Mom grinned.

"Mooooooooooommmmm." I groaned in pure embarrassment sitting completely frozen. Carter couldn't stop laughing.

"What?" Mom giggled. "I'm just saying he's handsome and you two would be very nice looking together." She winked at me and left me there with him.

"I think she may be right."

When I looked up at him he continued to smirk and nudge me until I cracked a smile.

"And why do you think she's right?" I asked while looking at him like he's lost his mind. There was no way in hell he and I made a cute couple.

"Just Come here." He stood up and offered me his hand.

"Nope." I rolled my eyes and then yelped because he pulled me up from the couch.

I saw Melissa watching us and she gave me a thumbs up as he led me to the long floor length mirror in the hallway near my dinning room. He pushed me gently in front of the mirror and then stood behind me.

Carter was wearing black jeans and a black slightly loose fitting v-neck Tshirt on. I was wearing high wasted black jeans and a light grey shirt.

"Look." He mumbled so I did as he said and took a look at us from the mirror. I had to admit we did look good standing together.

"Now go ahead let me hear you admit it." He smiled at me through the mirror. I turned around to face him.
"Admit what? We would not be a cute couple, end of discussion." I rolled my eyes again and was about to walk away until he pulled me by my waste and pulled me up to his chest while snapping a picture.

"Carter!" I slapped his arm for touching me.

He slightly dodged my hit and turned to look at his phone. "Damn look at you." He smirked showing me the picture on his phone.
The picture showed both of us in front of the mirror but me facing him looking like I was about to kiss him while his hand was on my hips.

"Dinner!" I heard mom announce while I glared at Carter.
"What are you gonna do with that huh? Edit it so it looks like I'm naked or something?" I asked half laughing because I wasn't sure if he would go that far.

My little joke made him chuckle. "You'll see Lana." Was all he said as he locked his phone and headed to the dinning room with me railing behind him.


It's been 2222222 long since I've updated I know. I'm so sorry, between work and everyday life I just don't always have the headspace to sit and write but I promise when I have time and patience I will update for you all.

Oh and I'm sorry to keep switching Carters eye color but it is green not brown.

Love ya!

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