Chapter 24

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The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful. Harry and I didn't talk to each other, only if it was really necessary. Like for example when I had forgotten my key to the house at home one day and had to ask him for his since he would go to Liam's after school and couldn't unlock the house for me. Or when he woke me up one time by his annoying snoring and I had to bang on his door and shout at him to shut up. It took a few minutes until he awoke, but when he did he told me to go away and let him be.

Other than that, we had pretty much not spoken a word to each other, which of course Anne and dad had caught up to. Obviously, they weren't pleased with it, but there was something telling me by the look in their eyes that they were starting to get tired of trying to make us get along. I couldn't blame them because I would be tired of it too, but what they didn't know was that we weren't enemies like they thought we were. We just weren't on speaking terms, was all.

As for Niall, he had gone back to hanging out with me and Zayn. Sure, he had been quite the quiet guy before, but it couldn't even compare to how quiet he was now. I would see him look in Harry's direction longingly every now and then, especially in the cafeteria and in class, and every time I caught him doing so, a burning feeling would seep through my body. He was not allowed to look at him like that. If anyone would do it, it would be me. I was the one really longing for him since I was the one who could have him at this very second but didn't allow myself to because of the circumstances. Niall couldn't even compare to how I felt.

It wasn't only the way he looked at Harry that made me frustrated. He made me want to kill him because he wouldn't stop talking about the boy. It was 'Harry did this, Harry did that, but wait... did you see how beautiful Harry looked when he smiled in class today?' No, it was nothing that made me angrier than that. Well, if the fact that I couldn't do or say anything about it didn't count, that was. That was what frustrated me the most. I could only sit there and nod my head because he couldn't know I had feelings for Harry as well.

Things were going well with Liam and Zayn, almost too well if you asked me. They were the new 'wow' couple at school. Everyone seemed to like their relationship, especially the girls who wouldn't stop asking them different questions in the hallway every day. I was actually a little surprised about that because I thought more people would be against their relationship than it turned out to be. However, that only showed that things were changing in life and people were starting to get more accepting about stuff like homosexuality, which was a really good thing, if you asked me.

With going 'too well', I meant that the two of them were showing their love for each other a little too much. Not that I minded that they were being affectionate with each other around people, but sometimes it would get a little out of hand. Or, it was just me being jealous that they had something I couldn't have with the one I fancied.

Well, I did fancy Eleanor and I could be like Liam and Zayn with her if I wanted, but the truth was that it didn't feel right? I didn't know how to explain it, but whenever I saw Zayn and Liam together there was something in me that longed to have the same thing as them but with Harry. Eleanor was just not him, and I hated myself for thinking that way. If I ever wanted to get over him, those kinds of thoughts had to disappear from my head, and that was it.

Currently, I was sitting in class, doodling in my notebook since I was too deep in my thoughts to hear what the teacher was talking about. The only thing I was aware of was that Harry was sitting right in front of me next to Liam, and that his shoulder blades flexed every time he made a movement. Other than that, I had no idea what was going on around me.

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