Chapter 5

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3 years later

"Guess what?!" Rose said exitedly running to Lucas room knowing that's where Dimitri and Luca will be busy playing the ps4. "Rose! You seriously have to start knocking" Luca groans making Rose roll her eyes " you do the same thing when you come to my room"

"Thats different" Luca shots back

"No its not, I could be changing" Rose argued

"Yeah well me and Dimitri could be talking about guy stuff" Rose looked at Dimitri, making him instinctily raise his hands in defense "hey don't look at me, this is your guys argument. I'm just here to watch and be entertained" he smiled. Rose stick her tongue at him and return her gaze at her brother. "What exactly would you two be talking about that its guy stuff anyway?" She ask folding her arms. Luca didn't know how to explain to his sister what exactly guys talk about.

"Yes Luca what do we guys talk about?" Dimitri asked smirking at Luca which caused him to earn a glare from him. "Well about... know how we... you know Fuck it... sometimes it's about girls we fuck or girls who we want to fuck" Dimitri coughed trying his best to hide his laugh behind. "Thats gross but it's a guy thing I suppose" she shrugs "anyway I have awesome news to tell you guys!" She said with a smile on her lips. Dimitri and Luca look at each other, waiting for her to say the big news. "I'm going to school with you two!"

"What!" Both boys said in shock

"I know right!, since I skip a grade I'm now a senior. I was tired of home schooling so I ask mo-"

"No, you can't come with us" Luca says

" I agree, three other gang members kids go to school with us. Plus it can be dangerous" Dimitri agreed, however that wasn't the only reason he didn't want her to go. He didn't want other guys to look at her.

"Besides school started a months ago" Luca added

" I know but- "

"No" they both said

Rose was becoming irritated, "I have you guys there, why cant you support me on this. I have been stuck home for about all my life in home schooling i have no friends besides Jasmin. I need to try something new... please" Rose said makimg her puppy eyes.

"Thats not fair, puppy eyes are not allowed in this argument" Luca mummbled but Dimitri wasnt falling for them. Not this time, He had his mind set on her NOT going.

"No Rose"
"Okay fine"

Luca and Dimitri said at the same time. Dimitri turn to glare at luca, Rose was happy that Luca agreed. Now all she needed was the support from Dimitri. Before she can say anything Dmitri spoke

"Im not agreeing to it. Like I said three other gang members kids are there and it can be dangerous. What if something happens and we cant get to you in time. What if-"

"What if you stop worrying, i can take care of myself im 17 Dimitri. I dont need constant babysitting from any of you. I came here for support not for permission and especially not for a lecture" Rose snap at him making Dimitri glare at her. He didnt like the tone she was speaking to him.

"Well look somewhere else because you wont get mine" he said getting up and walking out of Lucas room. Rose felt tears in her eyes but she hold them back, she was soon engulfed in a hug. She knew it was luca and she hugged him back.

"Its okay Rose, he will eventually agree. You know how stubborn he can be when he doesnt like something. He will come around soon" Rose silently nodded. He had to come around, because like it or not she was attending Long Beach High School.

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