Chapter 10: Back in Town

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"Come on, let's go!"

Having successfully tiptoed into Matt's room while staying silent for more than a few minutes, I'm now throwing a pillow at him with impatience and bubbling vigor. It's only quarter past ten on a Tuesday summer morning, but I've spotted Jeremy already heading down the driveway outside to prepare a car for our trip to Toronto.

Not that Matt appears to care. 

He opens one green eye lazily, the other still covered by messy bedhead locks, and stretches out a bare arm with a yawn. Though he stands more than a head taller than me, the mass of his puffy white blanket seems to swallow him as he sits up, leaning forward and eyeing me with a grin.

"Couldn't resist coming in, huh? Wanted to see me au naturel?"

"Oh please." I roll my eyes but feel a flustered blush spreading across my cheeks, as I notice his well-defined torso and scoot a little further down the bed to shake off the distraction. "It seems only fair after you intruded on my beauty sleep the other day." 

"Beauty? You, Brookes?"

My eyes widen and I hold up the pillow again, threatening to bombard him with another hit, when he raises his palms up in surrender.

"Kidding," he chuckles, as his eyes rake over my denim shorts and worn flannel thrown over a band tee. For a minute, I wonder if I've chosen the wrong day to dress casual, but he continues with an amused expression. "You're cute, I'm up now."

He edges closer and flicks me on the nose, before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and walking towards his closet. In an attempt to give him privacy and avoid staring at his boxer briefs, I fall back on to the bed sheets to be met with a lingering earthy musk.

"Hey, I'll get to meet Arthur," I muse, in a muffled voice. 

"You guys share a common love of Disney so you'll get along great."

Matt reappears in a printed dress shirt and khaki shorts, raking product through his hair. Thankfully, he doesn't notice my gawking.

"You look spiffy," I remark casually. In fact, he looks better than spiffy, I think, as another thought pops into my head.

Sheets to streets real quick.

I inwardly sigh and groan at the same time, with a mental slap on the forehead. Mind out of the gutter, Hailey.

Matt turns around to face me, eyebrows quirked up as he peers at me somewhat nervously through long lashes. 

"Think this is okay?" He tugs at his shirt once more and studies himself in the mirror. 

"Trying to make a good impression?" I tease lightly. "It's a little formal but hey - "

I hop off the bed and, before he can protest, I grab an arm and unbutton the shirt cuff, rolling the sleeves to his elbows. Standing back to admire my work, I nod with a satisfied grin.

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