Chapter 53

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(Damien Pov)

"You Dumb Fuck... You Put Him In The Passengers Side" I Said As I Punched One Of My Hench Mens Square In The Face.

"Im Sorry... It Was A Honest Mistake" He Said.

"Honest Mistake??" I Said Kicking Him In The Stomach. "Honest Mistake Huh?" I Added. "It Was A Stupid Mistake" I Told Him.

"Yes It Was And Im Sorry" He Said.

"Your Lucky He Was Dead Anyways" I Told Him.

Whos Dead? Well JJ Ofcourse. 1 Down The Rest Of The Family To Go. We Took Care Of JJ... Yes We Did.

Got The Key From Janiq And Had Her Take Him Out So We Can Trash The House Then We Waited For Him. When He Came Him I Bashed Him In The Head With A Metal Baseball Bat. He Fell To The Ground As I Made Out With His Girl As My Men Kicked His Ass.

I Told Check About Everything That Happen To Jaayden. Then I Laid Some Pictures On The Table Of... Tay, Gemini, Tion, Tyrell, Janiq And Teddy. I Wanted Him To Pick My Next Target.

"Her..." Check Said Pointing To Janiqs Photo. "Arent Yall A Thing?" He Asked.

"Not At All" I Said. "She Just Had The Connect" I Told Him. "Now She A Loose End" I Added.

"Mhmm" Was All He Said.

"So Who's Next??" I Asked Check.

"Im Not In This" He Told Me.

"You Act Like A Pussy..." I Told Him. "You Wont Take Cutts... You Wont Even Pick A Random Picture" I Said.

"Thats Not My Thing" Check Told Me.

"You Sure You Not Five-O?" I Asked Him.

"You Caught Me... Yeah Im Five-O" Check Said.

I Just Laughed Cause He Was Trying To Be Funny.

Anyways But This Next Thing You Gotta Be In Cause It's Big.

"Wassup?" He Asked.

"We Getting In On Some Big Cash" I Told Him.

"Im Listening" Check Said.

I Knew He Wanted Cash.

"We Gone Rob Whoever Our Boss Is" I Told Him. "The Cash Thats Coming In... Im Out With It" I Told Him.

"And The Boss?" Check Asked.

"Fuck Him" I Told Him. "Wanna Piece?" I Asked Him.

"Hit Me Up With Whatever" Check Told Me.

Honestly I Wasnt Gonna Give Him Shit. Its Every Man For Themselves.

Mean While...

(Tion Pov)

"OH MY GOD..." I Said As My Eyes Widened At The Sight I Was Seeing.

JJs Living Room Was A Mess. Tornado Mess. His Flat Screen Was Broken In Pieces On The Floor. His Couch Was Torn. His Walls Were Hammered In. Everything Was Everywhere.

What Made Me More Scared Was That From The Torn Couch There Was A Big Pool Of Blood.

I Looked At Tay As Tears Formed In Both Of Our Eyes. We Both Darted From Room To Room Screaming JJs Name.

All We Discovered Were More Mess. More Damages And More Blood. No JJ.

"Tion?" Tay Said As Tears Ran Down Her Face. I Knew What She Was Thinking.

"No He Is Alive " I Told Her As Tears Ran Down My Face. I Had To Be Strong For The Both Of Us. I Knew What She Was Thinking And I Was Thinking The Same But I Refuse To Believe It.

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