pokemon watty awards 2016

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I'm up at 6am writing this and I'm very sleep deprived right now so apologies if I sound rambly and stuff

but thank you so much to everyone who ever supported me on my books!! i love all of you so much and aghhhhhhh 

overall I'm actually not that proud of how I did though?? lol probably because I did better last year :^D 

if I do enter next year, then I'll promise to try my best,, though I'm losing confidence with most of my works so yea I'm not sure if I'll even continue entering the awards next year

but nope this chapter isn't about this

congratulations to everyone who slayed!!

LogicalCabbage • Sheare • blue___22 • pi_memorizer • Stormlocke • @wHOEVER ELSE THAT EVEN ENTERED THIS OKAY GOOD JOB Y'ALL I LOVE YOU GUYS

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