Chapter Eleven: Trust Noone

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Jax laid down in his cell, his smile still plastered on his face as he was thinking about his future with Eva. He envisioned another wedding, a real one, and maybe a little brother or sister for Abel. He jumped as the guard tapped on his cell door, the lights almost out which made this visit strange. He sat up and furrowed his brow as the door was opened and he was led down the hallway towards the visiting area.

"Visiting hours are over, man." He said to his friend, his smirk fading as he saw pity and fear in his friend's eyes. His stomach started to churn, and he started to worry about what was going on. He wasn't stupid, he knew something was wrong if it meant a late-night visitation. He walked into the visitor's center, Opie standing by the window with a look of sorrow on his face as Jax walked over.

"What is it, Brother? What's happened?" Jax asked as he grabbed Opie's shoulder. Opie motioned for them to sit, Jax rested his arm on the table as he straddled the bench. He watched as his best friend ran his hand through his long hair and over his equally long beard something he only did when he was really worried about something.

"Jax, something happened to Eva." He said, as his voice shook and his eyes began to well up with tears. Jax stiffened as he felt a lump in his throat, his mind trying to stay calm as he remembered seeing her just that afternoon.

"What happened?"

"She was attacked, we don't by who, but it happened just a few miles down the road. She was shot and run off the road, and she crashed hard, brother. We barely got to her in time, but she is okay—for now." Opie said in a hushed tone as he grabbed Jax's shoulder, Jax filled instantly with anger and sadness.

He looked away from Opie as he tried to choke back a cry, his lip quivering as he felt a tear run down his cheek and under his scruffy chin. He faced his friend once more, so many questions needing answers.

"Who attacked her?" Was the first thing that needed to be answered, since Jax was not going to have violence against his family. He was in prison and couldn't do much, but he knew people who could.

"We don't know, man. The only one that knows is Eva, and she is in surgery right now. She broke her arm and collar bone, and a few ribs. Whoever did this had meant to kill her, but Eva is a tough woman, Jax. She is gonna be okay, Man." Opie said hoping to bring some comfort to Jax, even though he knew it was in vain.

"Shit." Jax whispered as he rested his hands on his head, anger flowing through him as he just wanted to get out and go see his woman, and his family. He felt so helpless and trapped, and his anger was growing with each passing second. "No one leaves her side; I want a man by her door at all times. I need you and Chib's to find out who did this. Someone must pay for what they did to her." Jax hissed as he felt the need to punch something, his hand slamming into the table making the room echo with the loud bang.

Jax and Opie stood, Jax hugging his brother once more before he was taken back to his cell. He rested his hands against the wall, his body shaking with anger as tears ran down his cheeks. The thought of losing Eva was tearing him up inside, but the thought that someone hurt her made him insane with rage

He knew that his men would find the people who did this, but when they did he wanted to be the man to take care of it. He wanted to hurt the people who hurt Eva, and he had 9 long months to think of ways to do so.



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