Twenty One

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Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.

- Isaac Asimov


The sky above her head mourned, the black hues absorbing in her breaking soul as she walked past him and entered the room. Tears knew no boundaries as they cascaded down her flushed cheeks; lips trembling as she bit on to it to keep the tears at bay.

Fariya all but fell on the bed once she reached it-the confrontation had devoid her of all of her energy. Closing her eyes, she threw her aching head in her hands, her elbows pressed against her knees.

With her body shaking like an autumn leaf, she shrank in her place when she heard the movements inside the room and finally the bed dipping in beside her. She visibly stiffened and moved away from him, without even raising her head. She heard Omer suck in a harsh breath beside her and his hand, which was coming to rest on her shoulder, halted in air.

"Fariya, won't you let me expl..." Omer began, his tone breaking into a million pieces and more as he moved towards her a little but Fariya's sudden action stopped him.

All the things that followed occurred in a matter of few seconds.

Instantly, she clasped her hand on her mouth, her eyes wide open as she stared right ahead and the next moment, she was rushing towards the washroom, her hand still tighlty pressed against her mouth. She made her way inside the washroom hurriedly before throwing up in the toilet. Her throat burned and her eyes swelled as she threw up the little food that she had an hour ago.

Suddenly, she felt an arm snaking around her waist while a hand pulled back her hair from her face. Flushing due to embarrassment and pain simultaneously, she got rid of the last content of food inside of her before falling back on the cold floor.

Her eyes were closed, her body devoid of all the energy, as she leaned against Omer's firm body, both of them sitting on the hard floor. She didn't know how many minutes passed for her mind was completely blank of all the thoughts but her eyes fluttered open when she sensed Omer's movement behind her and the next moment, he was helping her stand up, his one arm tightly wound around her slender waist.

Slowly and painfully, she stood up to her height, her body leaning against Omer's while he held both of her hands in a deadly grasp. After flushing the toilet, Omer helped her walk towards the sink before turning the water tap and letting the water flow.

Fariya extended her arms and a cold gush of water fell on her hand, soothing her burning nerves. Collecting the water in her hand, she washed her face with it, her body bent over the sink.

"Are you fine?" Omer whispered behind her and Fariya raised her hand and saw his worried face in the mirror.

Lines of concern were etched across his forehead, a frown playing on his handsome face. Worry was evident in his eyes and Fariya, for the first time after two days, saw her old Omer again.

Nodding slightly, she lowered her head and turned off the tap before turning around in her place to face Omer, her front almost touching him and Omer's arms instantly went around her waist.

Fariya raised her head and Omer stared in her hazel eyes for a long time before bringing his hand up and caressing her cheeks with as much gentleness as humanly possible. The smell of his cologne played with her mind, wafting up her nose and sending a shiver down her spine.

"Come, I'll take you to the doctor." He caressed with words and Fariya let out a deep breath, both of them still staring right in each other's eyes.

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