Remembering Summer

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Childhood remembrances are always full of life

If you're anything like me

You always remember summer

With all of your neighbors

Sun-screen soaked children 

Running for cover from the cold spay of water

In which shot out of colorful water guns.

The cold night in which creatures lurk in the shadow 

Venturing into the unknown 

Attempting, trying, striving not to be 


Only to find out your bar of florescence reveals your whereabouts

Soon it is time to retire

You plead your parents for a few moments longer 

But they counter your approach 

Sending you in with only 


For tomorrow...

You will always remember 

The weekdays you spent without your own parents 

But with the household you knew better than your own 

Investing all your time in that ancient game 

You had completed over and over again.


The weeks of swimming that you endured

Each year

A different division 

But never fully falling

If you just remember 

To keep climbing

* * *

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