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When Zack goes off into war will he make it back safely to see his baby girl be born and his son turning 5?

When he witnesses someone dying in the war will the pressure be too much?

What will happen if he cracks and ends up dying himself?

What will happen to his family if he doesn't survive? Only time will tell in Do or Die.


Hello! So yea this is another book as you can see. This one will be updated very slowly. There will be three of these so once this one ends the next one should be out within a week. I'm doing a HUGE editing thing when I end this so if you see any mistakes pm me and I will fix that after this ends.

That being said no one can use my idea for this or repeat anything I will do in it. This is from my imagination and from also being a military kid. If you decide you want to use this book in any way please contact me first. This book is mine and if I notice anyone copying it or stealing my ideas or characters I won't hesitate to report you. All rights are reserved to me LanaB13 here on wattpad. No one else. Thank you now you may enjoy my book.

Stay Awesome! ✌

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