Chapter 54

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Chapter 54:

When Evelyn first arrived home, she imagined spending her nights in her warm bed, cuddling her childhood toys, drowning herself in the familiar scent of the candles her mother used to buy her on birthdays and just be happy.

Nothing but happiness.

Because home was the only place where she could imagine herself being happy, but not anymore… Nora’s words had shattered every sense of happiness that she had gained over the past few hours.

Instead of being in the comfort of her bed, guarded by all of her favourite things, Evelyn was alone in the clearing not too far from her home, which once served as her and Ethan’s safe heaven, their paradise where they would spend hours after hours together, just enjoying each other’s companies… but not anymore.

 Ever since Zayn walked into her life, things hadn’t been the same and instead of being the place that brought her happiness, the clearing had became the place where Evelyn comes to cry. Even in the dead of the night and the cold winter wind swerving around her, she would rather be there than her home…

Because the clearing was the only place where Evelyn could be alone, when her parents won't ask her questions on why she was crying. Evelyn couldn’t sell Nora out on the things that were said up in Nora’s room…

One; she didn’t want Nora to repeat the things that were said, she didn’t want her parents to hear the things that Nora believed Evelyn had done… None of it was true, but Evelyn didn’t want those ideas going anywhere near her parents’ minds, and she didn’t want them to ask any kind of questions between her and Zayn on whether she had sex with him or not, because she couldn’t lie to her parents, and she couldn’t let them know of the horrible things that went down between the two a few days ago,

Two; Evelyn simply didn’t want her parents to know the things that Nora had said. She didn’t want her parents to see Nora as a stone hearted girl with no compassion even to her own sister, because Nora was the only daughter they had left. Whether they like it or not, after that week, it would be rare that they would ever see Evelyn again, and from the captivity of the Royal City walls, Evelyn wouldn’t be able to care for her parents or keep in touch with their lives, so Nora was the only one left whom they can depend on as they get older…

Three; Evelyn was questioning herself on whether Nora was right on a few things. What if she had unintentionally seduced Zayn? What if all of that was her fault? She wanted to show him some kindness and love, to make him feel less alone and remind him of all the reasons why he should keep living, what if he had taken that as the green light to pursue her?

“What if I'm the one to blame for it all?” She ushered the words so quietly it was like a sigh.

With another silent sob, Evelyn wrapped her arms tighter around her legs and buried her head against her knees.

“It’s not your fault.” Said a familiar voice, coming from a few feet away.

A voice that sent Evelyn's body into full alert.

‘That voice… I’ve heard that voice before, in the hotel, when I was dying…’ Slowly, Evelyn moved her head from her knees, her visions blurred for a few seconds due to all of the tears, but as her sight slowly focused, she saw a white haired lady standing over her body, looking down, but not quiet at her.

“W-who are you?” Evelyn gasped at the presence of this unfamiliar lady, yet that voice… it was the same voice that she heard a few days ago, at death’s doors, the voice that pulled her back…

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