Day 073, 03:01:01

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I am walking down a long Waypoint Station corridor curving off into the distance, its gleaming silver walls subtly patterned and split down the middle with a stripe of clear material showing through to starry void...

While Nae continues chattering away. "-and Waypoint itself is only thirty years old, the youngest Station in operation, or at least until Oculus Station comes into service at the end of AE657. Interesting fact!!! Both Stations are built around the new gravimetric engines invented by Dr. Lanier, although of course they've been retrofitted into other older Stations as well. I'm almost too young to know a time without artificial gravity! Can you believe it?! Andddd there are a few members of the habitation control ops approaching from that side corridor. Yep, right there. Great people if just a teensy bit stiff. Hi Vel!!! That's Vel. She's a friend of mine. I actually helped get her that position. I kind of know everyone, hahaha! Oh!!! And over there you can see-"

My bemused smile is hidden by a shadowed cowl. I willed nanites to construct me a swirling purple Pareo earlier. Its fullbody covering provides me with anonymity on this first sojourn out into Waypoint Station proper, although my infamous arrival has already proceeded me. As we pass by a group of blue-skinned humanoids in white labcoats, two of them stare after me. Still, things could be worse. The chilly reception so far has been thawing, and my guide is...



Last night had seemed to last forever. After having been assigned private living quarters I had feigned sleep. No telling who might be watching on hidden camera's. But as I lay there during all those long hours, my mind had sifted through endless possibilities regarding Outer culture, the Interlocuter's aims, and my own chances at successfully joining their ranks. Things hadn't looked promising. However, a buzz at the door early that morning heralded change. After wrapping up, head to toe, in my newly constructed fullbody pareo wrap, which would cover up my features until I knew exactly how I wanted to present myself, SHE had been standing there. My guide, Nae. She was a slender, pretty, purple-eyed young woman with alabaster skin and silken midnight hair falling to her waist. Her fashion sense was interesting too. The faux jade uniform skirt. Black leggings. Designer flats that can apply magnetic attraction should the Lanier Drive's gravimetrics de-active. It was an interesting mix of technology, which I was coming to find common among the Outers. Almost...


(Or suspicious. Old station tech, and no smartmatter, or energy shielding. But they have gravimetrics, amond other oddly advanced baubles. The Lanier drive IS just a new name for old gravimetric technology the Twelve have had for more than a century, but which has slowly been shrunk down until it can fit not just in the bauble Joy displayed at the meeting, but applied to your own EIS integrated system. Considering how odd such an invention would be to make in the technological landscape here, Lanier would surely be one to meet...)

But he is not on this station. And I must focus.

Nae is still chattering on as we approach a large aperture leading out into a spacious communal area full of various biosynth chatting in groups, eating at long tables, or walking through sculpted arboreal terracing, beyond which curves a giant clear wall showing through to space. "-and this is the Anterior Commons. Catchy name, right? Most of us just call is the Quad though. It's an old joke from some pre-history youth films the historians scrounged up. They are just a HOOT. Stories don't make a lick of sense but they were young, and we're young, so we thought hey: why not just run with it? HA!"

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