Chapter Eleven» Midnight Calls

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I could feel my eyes land on her. Seeing a soft smile plaster her features. How is it, that she keeps herself so composed. So strong. Even after everything that's happened. I mentally whispered. Seeing her place a soft kiss on my cheek.

" That's because Allah gives you patience. Strength through these battles" she spoke lovingly. Her eyes twinkling, making a small dimple appear on her cheeks. Swallowing down my dry throat,  I heard mum speak. Her words firm.

" Aazeen,  baby I'm going to miss you. But I know, that the young man Ammar. He'll keep you happy and safe. I've seen the way he looks at you. In the Nikah ceremony. His eyes were on yours, even if you ignored him" she chuckled softly. Making me tense, my breathing halting. I could see Mum stand up slowly, her eyes landing on me, causing a blonde strand to fall on her face.

" You need to get plenty of rest Missy. Tomorrow your uncle and aunts have hosted a dinner, and we will be going to the village as well" she said slowly. Holding on to my hand, making me stand up, my form a little bit taller  than her petite one.

Nodding, I followed after mum. Leaving the large roof,  as we descended down the large spiral staircase, and in to the hallway, seeing the courtyard filled with my uncles and cousins, sitting down. Talking amongst themselves. I could see Dada sit in the middle surrounded by his sons and grandsons.

Smiling softly. I made my way down the hallway, reaching towards my room. A sudden yawn escaped my lips, my eyes glancing at my wrist watch. The very same one Yaseen had given me and Muskaan. A Pang of hurt filled my chest, as I entered the familiar room. Looking around, seeing all the photos plastered across the wall.

The fairy lights draped across the walls, on top of the vanity table, making me gaze  at my reflection. It had been two days since I was here. And lord, nothing can compare to the feeling of finally coming home. A place where you belong. A place where all your memories are stored.

Gul Jaan had rang yesterday,  asking how we all were, and asked to speak to me. I have to admit, Gul Jaan is truly a kind woman. She is nothing I had expected, though I can't say the same for her daughter. Just the memory of the harsh words spoken, to me. Made my insides turning.

The bathroom door suddenly opened, as Sumbal walked out. Dressed in Iron Man pyjamas, making me raise a perfect eyebrow at her.

" What? I'm sleeping with you" she muttered nonchalantly, making me look at Mum who shrugged before blowing me a kiss and wishing us both a Good Night. Turning around, I could see Sumbal lay  on the left side of the bed, as she pulled her phone out. Taking a Selfie of her top.

What on earth. I thought laying down on the bed, removing my veil and placing it beside my bed stand. Inhaling softly, I turned to the side. Out of instinct hoping to see Yaseen and I wedding picture. Yet it wasn't there.

Turning around, my back faced Sumbal as she spoke. Her words soft. "So, what's this Ammar like? I heard he runs his own company. So, he's like the CEO or something?"  she asked teasingly, making me groan and turn towards her. Seeing the Twenty year old wiggle her eyebrows.

" I could care less, for all I care. He could be a waiter" I started seeing the girl roll her eyes, laying on her back, beside me. "Don't be so harsh. I heard he's nice, and he's pretty alright looking. I think" she said that rather confused, making a smile appear on my face. Shaking my head, I could see her turn towards me again. Her eyes widen.

" Wait, aren't you going to live in Kuwait?  Man, you lucky woman. I heard it's a gorgeous place. You know, Saif was saying he's been there" she said rather too fondly, making me scrunch my eyebrows.

" Yes, well Saif says a lot of things. And why do you always hang around with him. You know Omar told you to stay away from him" I started. Seeing her roll her eyes now, her face scrunching up adorably. " What?". He's nice and besides. When does Omar care who I talk to." she muttered. Her voice cold, making me sigh frustrated.

" Since Saif left Naina on the wedding day. And plus he broke off things with his wife a year after. Says a lot. Bean, he's bad news " I started. Seeing her huff childishly.

" Jeez, you act like I freaking like him. He's eight years older than me. And besides he's my cousin" she spoke,  her eyes glancing at me. Something about the way she looked at me told another story. She better not be liking Saif, God. Arshad, Khalil and Omar won't spare the poor boy.

" I am not interested in Saif, Aazeen. I don't do shıt like that. I actually want to finish Uni first, do my degree and then think about marriage " she said slowly. Making me nod, seeing a sincere look in her eyes. Sumbal was a good kid. She knew her rights and wrongs. I thought placing a soft kiss on her cheek, seeing the girl roll her eyes.

Within minutes, Sumbal had her phone out,  and was busily posting pictures. On Instagram, with the hashtag #SistersSleepOver. Rolling my eyes I turned around, hearing Sumbal close the lamp off, as she did a small prayer before falling silent.

An hour passed, as I stared aimlessly at the ceiling. Feeling my mind blank yet my heart weaving with hundreds of thoughts. I could feel my lids getting heavy when suddenly,  my phone buzzed loudly. Reaching forward,  an unknown number rang making me contemplate, whether to pick it up.

The number rang again, as I sighed swiping against the caller ID. Bringing the phone to my ear, a deep familiar voice speaking. Making me tense, sleep disappearing away.

" Aazeen" Ammar deep voice spoke. Making me tense, my throat drying. It was as though all words had disappeared away, making inhale sharply. My words breathless.

" Yes? "I answered back softly, hearing him from the other end. As he spoke, after a long while."  You're still awake? " he asked, causing me to humn in response. Feeling the phone fall silent.

" Have you ate? " he asked again, making me nod, to no one as I realised. He was still waiting for my reply. " I did" I answered back,  before " Have you?" I asked. Hearing shock evident in his words, as he composed himself.

" Yes, I did. I went out with a few friends" he said. Making me bite my lip, feeling the phone go silent. I opened my mouth to speak when suddenly,  I could hear Sumbal sarcastic voice speak. Echoing loudly.

" Why don't you just plainly say you miss the woman. Ya Allah, some people are trying to get their beauty sleep Ammar" Sumbal muttered, making the man chuckle loudly from the other end. Causing  heat to inflame my cheeks as I glared at Sumbal, seeing her wiggle her eyebrows.

" That must be Sumbal, your younger   sister. Tell her I sincerely apologise" he said loudly making Sumbal grin as she got up. Proceeding towards the door. Glancing at her, my confused face must have answered the question. Causing the girl to pull on a robe  and grab a headscarf.

" I'm getting us some barbecued chicken, Arshad messaged me and plus I wanna give you lovebirds some space. If you know what I mean" she chuckled loudly, walking out of the door. Making me groan. Heat warming my cheeks.

" Aazeen?" Ammar voice spoke, making me tense. Realising he was still on the phone. Pulling it against my ear. I hard him speak, his voice soft. Causing a swarm of emotions to fill my insides. My breathing halting.

" It's true what she said. I don't exactly ring anyone at Ten in the night. But you're an exception Aazeen Khan"

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