Chapter Eleven» Midnight Calls

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The dark fiery red mixed against the lightest shade of orange. Melting in to the sky above. A cold breeze drifted by, hitting ashore on the land. Sending chills down everyone's spine.

The sky remained exposed. With no sight of a single cloud as the distant stars emerged. Marking its presence. A heavy like feeling set upon me. Causing me to tense, my mind swirling with hundreds of thoughts.

Inhaling slowly, I rubbed my hands against my arms. Hoping to dispose of those cold goosebumps on my arms. A low clearance of throat could be heard behind me. Making me turn around. My eyes landing on my mother's grey ones.

Offering her a small smile. I could see the woman round the corner of the wooden swing and sit beside me. Her expensive perfume whiffed in through my nose. Bringing memories of home. Of london.

Khadija Khan, was a woman, one of a kind. She had beauty and class. The kindest heart and softest smile. She was flawless in everyway, and I prayed, one day. I'd only live up to what she is. She is beautiful in every way.

The blue dress, covered in white sequences. Complemented her white skin, as she turned towards me. Her large eyes sporting black eyeliner. Making them stand out more.

As ever, mum wore her wedding rings and the golden chain Muskaan and I had bought her. Just the thought of Muskaan, had my insides turning. As though someone was slìcing my heart, with a sharp knıfe.

I missed her. God, I missed her so much. Her beautiful smile. And those large hazel eyes. The way she would look at someone, noticing the little worries pooling their eyes. Her voice,  God. Her voice was the sweetest of melodious.

You wouldn't ever find Muskaan wearing any other perfume. Except the soft lavender jasmine scented one. The one Khalil had bought her. It  was like a second skin, attached on to her.  It was part of her.

Tears stinged my eyes. My throat tightening. It was as though all air had been sucked out of me,  causing a warm hand. To hold my shaking one. I'm solidarity.

" I know baby, I miss her too" Mum whispered beside me. Causing the warm tears to emerge down, as I sniffled. Leaning my head against mum's shoulder.

A heavy silence fell on us. As we both stared at the setting sun. Seeing the once mighty light. Dissolve in to darkness, allowing the stars to come out and guide a traveller home. Inhaling softy, I heard mum speak. Her words soft and kind.

" You're the most strongest woman I've ever known. Baby girl, I'm so proud of you" she whispered softly. Her hand caressing my check lovingly, making me look up. My gaze landing on her golden earrings. A glance at mother, one wouldn't think a single worry or pain has passed through her life. Little do you know, that the eyes. The eyes share the most darkest and painful memory. If you only have the strength to gaze at them.

" Aazeen,  you know your abba and I love you with all our hearts. You, Sumbal and Arshad are the lights of our eyes" she whispered. Reaching towards my face, and wiping the warm tears away. Making me swallow. My throat tightened.

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