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Pen Your Pride

t w e n t y

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oh yeah im going to base jimins schedule with my schedule and classes & half of  my readers are dead rip

Yoongi walked into the school with Aecha and Jimin next to him.

"Wow the rumble is everywhere",Jimin said pointing at the flyers around the walls and lockers about the rumble happening in the gym.

"It says it starts in a few hours so we have time",Yoongi said while giving Aecha to Jimin."Here take care of her and don't lose her before the rumble even starts".

Jimin nods and starts walking to his first class.He sees the whole class look at him and then back at the board then back at him.Jimin raises his eyebrows and walks up to the chalkboard which is really dusty.He reads the board and starts laughing.

"You guys actually think I'm scared of this?",Jimin said pointing at the board.

"Well,he did say he will shove his fist up your asshole if you don't fight him at the rumble",one of the random classmates mumbled that Jimin could clearly hear.

"That's scary by?".

"It depends on how you take it",the classmate said smirking this time.

"What do you mean by that?",Jimin said with a confused expression.

"If you're kinky,you'll probably like it".

"I don't know you?",Jimin said pointing at boy and gave him glare while walking to his seat.

The teacher walked in as the bell rang for first period just started.

"What is this?",the teacher yelled at everyone.

Jimin didn't look up,too scared for the teacher to call him out about Namjoon basically saying he was going to fist his ass.

"It obviously says Jimin is daddy",one of the girls yelled out.

Jimin's eyes widened,how did they write that so fast?He got embarrassed and put his head down hopefully they ignore him.

"Who's Jungle Jim?".

Jimin got red and started cussing under his breath,why does this teacher hate me so much?

Everyone bursted out laughing and pointed at Jimin at the back of the room who's head is down.He starts to get more red feeling the stares right at him.

"Oh Park Jimin".

"Obviously",Haeyo says rolling his eyes at the teacher.

"I'm sorry,but nobody asked you to speak",the teacher said walking up to Haeyo's face.

"And nobody asked you to walk your slutty self to my face".

The teacher got closer to Haeyo's face and just glared really deep into him.

"What are you going to do?Tease my cock?Suck my dick?Your paying here really sucks ass for you to have the urge to suck my dick".

The teacher gasped and walked away to calm down.She started smiling and began her lesson like she just didn't get exposed a few seconds ago,Everyone knew she had something planned if she just randomly smiled.This is school,no one ever smiles.

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