Am I Still Beautiful?

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"Am I still beautiful?"

Casey stands in front of him, black tears dripping down her pale face. Jared stared speechlessly at his girlfriend's true form. Solid black voids that were once stunning ocean blue stared into his soul. White fangs had shot out her mouth while two large black sprouted from her back . She was a fallen angel and he had be dating her for 5 years. He had no idea what to tell her. He didn't even know how to react. But one think clicked. This was the reason why she always asked that question. This was why.

"Do you still love me"

She need to know. Jared hadn't said a word since the transformation. Cries of pain from the battle behind them raged on. She saw the demon before he did.  Casey threw herself at Jared, covering him with her wings. The demon attack for what seemed like centuries before it became uninterested and vanished. Casey was half alive when Jared gave her his answer.


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