Chapter 24 Is Everything Okay?

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"You have the best cars around here. I wouldn't do anything bad to them,"He smiled.

"Also. I'll come pick up you at your place. Once Nolan has my car. Then once I get the money. You can drive my car home and it's all yours. Until I can buy both of them back," I smiled. He nodded. I got into Nolan's Convertible. He pulled out and headed to my brothers place.

"Can you go in and get the car. You drive my car. I'll drive yours. You head to Jackson's place with my car and I'll head to Ethan's and pick him up with your car," I said. He nodded. He pulled up to the house. We got out. I walked to the driver's seat and he walked up to the house. I buckled up. 10 minutes later the garage opened. Nolan drove down the driveway in my car.

"Wait till I explain what happened," He laughed. I nodded. He drove to Jackson's place. I saw Luca walked out. He looked at me. I made a u-turn and drove to Ethan's. I'll stand up on my feet. I promise myself I will. I pulled up to Ethan's. He walked out. He got in. I pulled out and I drove to Jackson's.

"Please. Take care of them. They're my babies," I smiled. He laughed.

"I promise I will until you can buy them back. Why do through all this trouble? Can't you use your Credit Card," He asked.

"I'm pretty sure Luca has canceled my card. Knowing him. So With the money I get. I'll get myself a room at a hotel, a therapist, a boxing gym membership. Then I'll put the rest of the money in card and open it up again. Then if I get the Cafe job. Then The money I get from there. I'll put in my card," I said. He nodded.

"Smart, but make sure the card is canceled first," He said. I nodded. I pulled up at Jackson's Driveway. We got out and walked to the door. I locked the car. We walked inside and into the living room. I threw Nolan his car keys. He threw my BMW i8s Car keys to me. I gave them to Ethan and He gave me the money.

"I already have your keys for the convertible,"He said. I nodded.

"Now I'm headed out to look for Boxing Gym, Therapist and a hotel," I laughed. I ran upstairs and grabbed my purse and lambo car keys. I ran downstairs. I put the money in my purse.

"We're coming with. If we split up. We can help you get things done faster," Blake said. I nodded. I got my phone out and called the credit card company.

"Hello How may I help you?"

"Hi. This is Alessandra Valentini. I'm calling to ask about my credit card,"

"Ah. Yes. We were just about to call you. Your brother has canceled it,"

"Okay. Can I open it back again and put my own money inside,"

"Yes. You can but your brothers will still find out about all your purchases and money you have in the card via text,"

"That's perfectly fine. As long it's my own money I'm using and they can't do anything about it. I'm fine,"

"You will be fine. As long as it's your money they can't cancel it. Come to the bank and we can get your money into the card and we'll open your card up again,"

"Thank you. My friend and I will be there,"

"Okay. We'll be waiting," She said. I hung up.

"Like I said. He canceled my credit card. So We'll go get the other stuff done and then go to the bank and open the card back up again with the money I have left over. They nodded.

"I found a really good therapist downtown and he doesn't cost that much. It's 10 minutes away. Also next to the therapist is a boxing gym. The gym all year round membership cost $60 and it has the best teacher," Blake said.

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