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Pen Your Pride

Chapter VIII

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I don't know how long this chapter is going to turn out...But I just kind of threw it together so I could get a chapter out so I'm sorry if it sucks....Not proof read or spell checked since the spell checker thingy is not working for me right now!





What the hell is wrong with me?! I chastised myself as I paced around my bedroom later that night.

After leaving Sasha in a heap in the middle of the hallway Cain and I walked on to class with uttering a single word. He sat beside me throughout Creative Writting and even walked with me to D.O.T.T. Did I say  anything about it? No, I did not! Stupid, stupid stupid, girl! I bet now he thinks that he won me over or something. That is so not what I want to happen right now. I am not ready to forgive or even give him the time of day. But, did I make that known today? No I did not! So like I said 'What the hell is wrong with me?!' Was I happy that he was trying to make it up to me? Yeah, I was. It felt really good to know that my mate was at least trying to win me over. Though it would take a helluva a lot to actually do it. 

"Ugh, I need a damn drink." I muttered to myself as my room door burst open.

"Get your ass ready cause we are going out!" Jas yelled pulling Amy and As into the room.

"What?" I asked stupidly

"It's Friday." Ash said like it was the most obvious thing in the world that I know what they were talking about.

"So, just like last Friday we are going to Rain." Amy grinned

"Oh thank god!" I sighed "I could use a drink. Or maybe two."

The four of us spent the next hour and a half getting ready. This time I was not letting any of the girls help me pick and outfit. I already showed up at the club looking like a tramp last week. I was so not doing that again. Ah, who was I kidding I knew I'd end up dressing like one anyway by the time I walked out of this room.

"Who's driving?" I asked as I walked out of the bathroom after my shower.

"We're having a car take us to and from the club." Amy replied as she worked on Jas' hair.

I got dressed in a black mesh ruffled mini skirt, a wine red corset top and slipped on a pair of black peep toe chunky pumps. After straightening my hair I pulled it into a tight pony tail. My makeup was just liner, maskara and gloss--the usual. Once they were all ready they headed out the door and into the living room where the guys were all waiting. They all looked relieved when we walked out. Well, we had made them wait forever.

The ride to the club was a quiet affair. For me it was anyway. I didn't really have much to say though I did have a lot to think about. It was a little after eleven when we arrived and walked right in just like last week. I felt a little better walking into the club. Probably because I was way more covered this time around. The skirt maybe be short but I didn't feel like my ass was hanging out and the corset was long enough that I didn't show off any of my midriff this time. 

"Let's dance!" Jas' yelled over the music.

"You guys dance, I'm going to get a drink!" I shouted back.

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