Chapter 15: The God’s never cared about us

Aqua’s POV

“Where do you think Annabeth and Percy went?” I asked

“Not sure, do you think we should go looking for them?” Luke said

“Yah, I think they went towards the cabins…”

“Cool, let’s go…”

We went towards the cabin area, but before we even go half way there, Percy and Annabeth ran into us, literally!

“OUCH!” Percy bellowed

“Where have you guys been?” Luke asked

“Oh, um…” Annabeth had to think, that’s when I saw pen on her hand, “We were trying to find my sword.”

“Luke, I will be right back.” I told Luke and ran as fast as I could to my cabin

I ran though my things with pen on them, then I remembered, the note, but the only person that knows where I put all of my letters is Percy, and he was with Annabeth!!!

I went to my bed side table, to the first door, and I found the note, unfolded and smudged, with finger prints all over it, not just Luke’s or my fingerprints, I was pretty sure that these fingerprints were Percy’s and Annabeth’s.

I ran outside of my cabin, where Luke, Annabeth and Percy were waiting for me…

“Luke!” I yelled

“Hmm…” Luke mumbled

“Look.” I gave Luke our note

“Aqua, don’t show me THIS now.”

“No, look, it’s smudged; it has more fingerprints on it!!! And look at Annabeth’s hands!!!”

“What about Annabeth’s hands?”

I grabbed Annabeth’s wrist, so that she couldn’t pull away, but she didn’t even try to get away… Then, I rolled down her long-sleeved shirt, under her armor, and I showed Luke, He opened the note, and saw that there were the same size smudge marks on both the note and Annabeth’s hands.

“Why don’t you guys stay in your own business?!?” Luke seemed really pissed off

“It wasn’t me; Percy’s the one that went through Aqua’s things.” Annabeth noted

“Thanks for ratting me out, Annabeth.” Percy said sarcastically

“No problem.”

“What do you know?” Luke questioned, and I know that with his tone, he was going to get the full, right answer or someone was going to get hurt.

“Luke, there’s no need to be irrational… Just stop and we won’t tell anyone.” Annabeth tried to reason

“You won’t tell anyone what?” I asked

“That you two are the lightning thief’s.” Percy said



“Ugg, is this what I have to deal with now?”

“Yes.” Both Luke and I answered

“We don’t want anyone to know, you’re our friends, right?” Annabeth asked

“Of course, Annabeth.” Luke said

“Good, now we won’t tell anyone, you just need to act like two normal Demi-God’s that love their parents, and Aqua, no one can see your syth charm bracelet, or they will know that you are working for Kronos, you have to be careful.” Annabeth explained

“I will, but, just because you know, doesn’t mean that we have to stop what Kronos tells us, or our plan…”

“Can you tell us what your plan is?”

“No!” Both Luke and I agreed

“Ok, ok.” Both Annabeth and Percy said

“GROVER!!!!” Percy warned

We turned to find Grover walking up to us

“Aqua, Percy, you two NEED to see this!” Grover managed

“What is it?” Annabeth asked


Once we all hear that, we ran as fast as we could to where the party was.

“Percy Jackson, bring me the lightning bolt or say goodbye to your mother!”

“My mother is dead!” Percy screamed and ran towards Hades, who was forming from the fire

“No, she is here with me, at my palace.” He waved his hand and there was an image of the woman that had called herself my mother.

“Percy, Aqua.” The woman said

Then, Hades waved his hand through the image and the woman disappeared.

“If you ever want to see your mother again, you WILL bring me the lightning bolt.” Hades said, and then, he disappeared and everything was like it was, Annabeth and Percy still know Luke’s and my secret, our mother is missing, and our dad isn’t there for us, in other words, our dad and all the other God’s don’t care about their children, they never did!!!

Luke and I looked at each other, “This could be our only chance.” I said

“I know, come on, we need to get everything ready.”

“Alright, let’s do this!” I said and with that, we ran to Luke’s cabin and prepared some things to have Hades get to the lightning bolt, it would be perfect, if Percy went to Hell and went to try and get his mother back, Hades could easily get the lightning bolt from Percy, it’s our only chance.

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