43. Naughtier in Nice

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We ate in relative silence, Jay casting worried glances as I thought over his surprise. 

'Surprise?  More like a fucking wrecking ball hitting me square in my belly and knocking the air from my lungs.  As I lay on my hands and knees trying to draw a breath, Jimmy snapping pics....'  I shook my head to stop my internal ramblings.

I looked to Jay to see him smirking, no doubt knowing what had just happened.

"Where'd you just go?"  He asked with a hint of amusement which made me laugh.

"Believe me, you don't want to know."

"You know we don't have to do this Mia.  I just got chatting with Jimmy at the wedding and he mentioned he was coming here for a few weeks.  It was just a timing thing that made me ask him."  He explained.

"I'm nervous."  I admitted quietly.


"Being naked in front of you is one thing Jay, but in front of someone else? I don't know..."

Jay reached across the table and placed his hand over mine.

"You don't have to be naked babe, wear a bikini or dress or shorts or whatever you feel comfortable in. Then, if you feel like you want to go that extra step...well it's an option Mia, not a requirement."

"I never thought of that." I admitted. "Why didn't I think of that?" I wondered stupidly.

"Hey, it's okay. I caught you off guard babe, but you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Okay?"

I nodded, feeling the tension dissipate and before long I was actually looking forward to it.

Sensing my change of mood, Jay quickly jumped on board, suggesting I take a few changes of clothes so we had some variety.

"Where exactly are we going?" I asked after a while.

"I'm not sure. Jimmy said he knows the perfect place, somewhere not far from here, but private. He said he's had shoots there before, so it must be somewhere decent." Jay shrugged as he sipped his drink.


We were up bright and early and as Jay showered I packed some clothes. All morning I had kept myself busy, not giving myself time to think about why I was doing what I was doing. Just doing it.

When Jimmy knocked on the door my butterflies erupted.  I don't know why I was so nervous, it was just some photos of Jay and I.  No big deal.

Except it was a big deal and I knew it as soon as I had packed the 'jewellery' that Jay had brought for me in London.

Wiping my sweaty palms on my shorts, I opened the door to a smiling Jimmy.

"Hi, come in Jimmy.  We're almost ready, do you want a coffee?"

We sat on the balcony while Jimmy told us where we were headed.

"It's only about 20 minutes from here. There's a little stretch of beach that's like a hidden gem, it should be perfect today in this weather.  We can get some great shots with the mountains in the background."

Jimmy was in photographer mode and it relaxed me a little.  It made it seem less personal for me and that was exactly what I needed.  A professional photographer, not a friend.

"What do you think?" Jimmy asked as he pulled up and we hopped out.

"It's beautiful." I whispered as I looked from the pure white sand to the clear turquoise water. Turning to the right, I looked up to the white peaks of the mountains, my smile growing as I looked to Jay. "It's perfect."

Jay nodded as he took in our surrounds. "That it is."

"Why don't you guys have a look around while I get organised? Maybe see if there's anything specific you want in the shots or anywhere specific you want them taken. It doesn't have to be an organised shoot but I don't want to miss anything you especially like."

Hand in hand, Jay and I took a walk along the quiet stretch of sand.

"It's so beautiful here, it's a wonder it's not busy. I mean, the locals must know about it at least."

"Yeah, but given its a weekday we might be in luck and have it to ourselves. Jimmy seems to think so anyway."

"Do you think we have time for a quick swim? I need to distract myself." Jay squeezed my hand and nodded.

"It'll be fine Mia, it's just some pics. There's nothing to stress about."

"If you saw what I packed, you might change your mind." I admitted quietly, my cheeks heating as Jay looked at me knowingly.

He wiggled his eyebrows. "I sure hope you mean what I think you do."

"Stop it," I laughed. "I haven't made up my mind yet."

"Let me help with that." He whispered as he pulled me towards him and kissed me so deeply he took my breath away.

"That's cheating." I whispered as I gazed into his dark eyes.

"I know." His deep voice resonated through me.  "But hinting that you brought your jewellery with you and then saying you might not wear it, is just fucking teasing me Mia.  You know how much I fucking love to see you in it." 

As if to prove his point, he pulled my hips forward, his hard erection unmistakable against my stomach.

My breath hitched and a small moan left me, all thoughts of Jimmy were long gone as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, my fingers tangling in his hair as I pulled his mouth down to mine.

"Let's have that swim," Jay whispered against my lips.  "I can't wait to see you in that fucking red bikini."

His hands gripped the hem of my dress and slowly pulled it up and over my head.  He hissed a breath through his teeth as his eyes devoured me.

"You get more beautiful every day Mia, how the fuck is that possible?" He mumbled as he drew his hands down my sides.

My eyes were watching his face as he looked me over. His eyes were growing darker and he brought his hands up to my breasts, his thumbs running over the tiny triangles that concealed my puckered nipples.

My nails dug into his biceps as he moved the material aside, his rough thumbs grazing the flesh of my breast before rubbing over my hard buds.

"Don't deny me the clamps babe, I understand if you don't want to be completely naked, but please don't deny me the clamps."

His fingers rolled my nipples and I bit down on my bottom lip to stifle my cries.

"Let me hear you Mia."  He whispered as his fingers drew from me the moans he loved to hear.

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