Regards and Questions

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After a year and a half in reign, Maze finally ends :D

This book has been through some obstacles (writer's block), but I was able to finish the whole story on time.

I'm sad seeing the fact that I have to let this book go, though, but I will always remember the times I was writing it. Drawing also plays an important role in here, especially Edward and the gang :D

But now, it's time to answer these questions xD

1. What do you think of Maze and its elements overall? (Plot, characters, writing, illustrations etc)

2. Who is your favorite and least favorite character, and why? (I always ask this bwahaha xD)

3. Which character has the most development and how?

4. Pick a ship xD What do you think of their relationship (realistic or unrealistic) and why?

5. On a scale from 0-10, try to rate this book :)

6. Does this book deliver a positive message? If so, what is it? :)

It is recommended to answer all of the questions. Your answers are really important for me to improve my writing skills in the future. It might even inspired me to write more (:

Anyways, thank you so much for readers that had been following this book until the end! Their comments had always made my day and sometimes made me shocked too (you know who you are xD).

I really hoped that you were included in their journey and had finished it with a happy heart. Don't worry, there will be some extras and bonuses coming up :)

~ Tara

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