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Chaeyoung's melody project was a masterpiece i tell ya!

Chaeyoung's melody project was a masterpiece i tell ya!

Our Chaeyoungie getting the recognition she deserves

Our Chaeyoungie getting the recognition she deserves.

사랑해요 챙이 😍😍😍

Chaeng's melody project encouraged me to write two chapters today


I smiled despite the huge headache going on in my head. The view in front of me was too cute to ignore. I carresed her beautiful face and tucked her silky red hair behind her ear. One thing I love about her was she was such a deep sleeper....well if you ignore the fact that she usually destroys her alarm clock when she's in no mood to wake up.

My gaze falls on her lips, a decision which I regretted as soon as my mind agreed to it. I gulped. Her soft, plump lips encouraging me to come closer, enticing me.

The temptaion was too hard to defy. My face moved closer and closer until our faces was only centimeters away I took my time examining her beautiful face and then I closed my eyes and tasted her lips.

By the way, no I wasn't drunk last night. Blame Rosè and Momo for that lie.


I woke up remembering that last night I didn't sleep in my room last night as Miss Mina was drunk and me sleep next to her. I rolled over and found no signs of Mina in her room. WHERE IS SHE?

I got out of bed and head outside to see Kris having a cup of coffee. He smiled when he saw me aproaching him. No actually scratch that, he was smirking.

"Wipe out that smirk off your face." But instead that only made him turn his smirk bigger than it was.

"So you slept in Miss Mina's room, ey?" He said taking another sip from his coffee.

"Shut up." I walked passed him to get some breakfast from the kitchen to tame the hungry tiger in my stomach.

"But seriously though, why didn't you sleep in your room." He turned his body to face me.

"Well, Miss Mina was drunk last night so I had to pick her up from Momo unnie's house and carry her to her room and when I was sure that she was fast asleep turns out she wasnt, so she grabbed my arm and forced me to lie down next to her and I had no choice but to to sleep on her bed" I explained, "where is she anyway?" I asked.

"She left this morning to go to Sana's house. It's wierd how she was in a very good mood, don't you think she would've been in a sour mood if she had a hangover cause she was drunk last night."  He answered. "And she made me breakfast too and a cup of coffee." He held the cup in his hands. "She also made you some."

I noticed a pancake on the counter. Kris was right, she did make me something for breakfast. I smiled.

As soon as we finished our breakfast we started to do our 'chores' for the day with Kris mowing the lawn and me cleaning Miss Mina's room.

I was currently going through her old cabinet that she still for some reason hasn't thrown away. As I was dusting the cabinet, a piece of paper fell from an old book which looked like a diary. I picked it up trying my best not to read it but curiosity got the better of me and I ended up reading through it.

I can still remember her quite vividly. We met when I was around 6 years old and she was 4. She had a bright and confident personally whereas I was more mature and timid. We were the complete opposite but we somehow still managed to get along with each other.

We started meeting each other more and more. At that time I wasn't able to identify that wierd feeling I get whenever I see her but as I grew older, I finally realized what it was.

Whenever I meet her I felt like I was the most happiest person in the world but when she was forcefully taken away from me, the pain was unbearable. It didn't matter that she wasn't officially mine.

Wow, I never thought that Miss Mina would have liked a girl but on a more important matter, who was that girl that she was talking about? Whatever it's not my business and Miss Mina would kill if she found out that I read one of her letters from her diary.

As soon as I was finished with her room, I head outside at the backyard to see if I needed to clean anything but when I stepped out, I saw Mina, Sana unnie, Momo unnie, chingu Tzuyu and Momo unnie's new bodygaurd all hanging out by the pool with the Japanese trio was dipping their feet on the water. As soon as the two bodyguards saw me, the tiny eyed girl called out to me.

"Hey! Come over here!" She gestured for me to come, "what's up, I'm Eagle Kim Dahyun, Hirai Momo's loyal bodygaurd it's nice to meet you, what's your name." She held out her hand for me to shake.

"I'm Son Chaeyoung, Myoui Mina's bodygaurd. Nice to meet you." I shook her hand and introduced myself.

"Come on, spend time with us. We have to make sure our mistress doesn't drown.

Poor Kris, he's gonna do all the work today. Oh well.

Sorry short chapter.

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