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Song: Out of my league by Fitz and Tantrums

The following day, after unpacking your entire life and wardrobe into your newly colored room. You ventured down to the kitchen for breakfast.

Robert had dropped your supper in your room last night, so you didn't have to confront your mother without the necessary mental prep.

Sat at the kitchen table were Newt and Robert. Newt had a old looking pair of reading glasses perched on the end of his nose as he read through the paper. Robert sat across from him at the round table eating pancakes.

"Morning all," you said.

Newt flinched and nearly ripped the glasses of his face. His face was a mix of embarrassment and fear, all hidden under his long hair as he inspected his hands on his lap under the table.

"It's a morning. But I wouldn't say it's good yet. Newt mate, stop looking so disappointed," Robert piped up through bites of food.

Newt looked up to him then glanced over to you, then picked back up the paper he had put down. He was trying his best to look natural.

Which failed miserably because he was as red as a tomato.

With a smile to the two boys, you walked over to the kitchen counter and poured yourself a glass of orange juice; that was sitting out in a large glass jug.

"So how d-did you sleep?" Newt trying to say but was far too quiet and stuttered.

"Pretty well. You?" You replied to the boy as you sat down next to him at the table, with your juice and a plate. Taking a few of the pancakes off of the tray ahead of you.

"F-fine. I guess," he replied.

"That's good. What are you reading?" You asked the boy.

"I think it's the paper. Don't they have those in America?" Robert said with a chuckle.

"I imagine," Newt spat at the other boy.

"Well anyway... what's the plan for today?" You asked the duo.

"Can't we just muck around?" Robert said.

"Robert, really?" You replied.

"We can go to the fair? I hear it's on about this time a year." Newt said as he pointed to the paper in his hands.

"Sounds fun." You spoke as you looked between the two boys sat with you.

"You two can go together. I'm not going to be around a bunch of Muggles all day." Robert said as he stood.

"Robert don't be like that!" You called after him.

"Just because you're the golden child dosn't mean I do what you tell me." He spat as he left with his plate still on the table.

"I'm not the golden child!" You called after him.

"What was that about?" Newt asked, a bit confused.

"After I left things changed around here. Robert's life changed. I became the it child. The one everyone asked about, not him anymore." You replied.

"So he's jealous?" Newt asked.

"No, he just had to grow up. He also usually dosn't introduce me to his friends. So there must be something up." You replied.

"But he told me all about you. How...why?" Newt pondered to himself.

"Well. We can still have a good day without him?" You suggested.

"Y-yeah. Sure. I mean. Well yeah." Newt chocked out.

"So let's go then. The fair awaits us." You said as you stood from the table.

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