Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

Jane got off work at six. It was a longer shift than she usually got as a part timer, but now more than ever she wished it was a closing shift.

Did Silvio know she was going to be off work in time to meet him? Where did he want her to meet him? At her place? Or his? She'd never been to his place and she'd never brought him up to her apartment.

There were no instructions on the note, and she felt numb when she left work, even though it had been a good day and she should have been thrilled for the amount of money in he pocket, the only thing she could think about was what Silvio wanted her to do for ten thousand dollars.

He had to know she wouldn't cash it, right? He knew her well enough to know she wouldn't just take this money for no reason. If she was going to get paid for something it was because she'd worked to earn it.

So what was going on here?

Did he want her to do what Arturo had made Isla do? Arturo had basically held Isla's family company hostage if Isla didn't pretend to be his girlfriend and have sex with him, and that had turned out all right in the end, but what if Silvio wanted her to do that, too?

For ten thousand dollars, could she do it?

Did ten thousand dollars make her look cheap to a man who had billions?

She went home. She needed to think some more about this, and she wasn't going to get that done sitting around here looking at that check.

She made it to her apartment, but unfortunately, she'd no sooner keyed herself in than she realized the landlord was standing behind the main desk, looking something over with Carlos the doorman.

Jane lowered her gaze, hoping for just a half a second that she'd be able to get to the elevators before he noticed her.

Of course that didn't happen, and from the corner of Jane's eye, she spotted the way Stephan looked up sharply, walked around to the other side of the desk and held his hand out.

"Jane Todd, wait, wait."

Jane stopped, pushed some of her hair out of her eyes. "Stephan, hi."

"I need to talk to you."

"I know, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to avoid you. I was just really busy with work, you know?"

Any patience he had in his eyes looked to be barely contained. He knew she was lying and that she had been avoiding him.

"Jane, you're three months behind."

"I know, I'm really sorry."

"I like you and everything but this can't happen anymore."

"I've got your money," Jane said quickly.

She'd panicked. It had sounded as if he was about to give her the notice she needed before he kicked her out, and she just blurted it out of her mouth without thinking.

Stephan blinked. "You do?"

He sounded cautious, as though he was waiting to see the money in hand before he believed it.

Jane supposed she couldn't blame him for that.

"Right, yeah. Things have just been kind of crazy with my last two roommates, you know?"

He did know, but he didn't answer her or smile back at her. He still seemed to be waiting for Jane to produce his money, and yeah, she definitely couldn't blame him for that.

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