The Truth

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I just stood there looking into Mel's eyes as I seen tears falling down her face. I didn't mean for her to find out about my crazy life style at least not like this. Me and Melody had a good brother and sister relationship it's been like that for a while and I ain't want her to think less of me for finding out the shit I do. I love my baby sister and I always will, but I'm grown as fuck and I do my own thing. I knew she wouldn't like it, but shit I ain't expect for her to find out either. She really was snooping in my shit too, all I could do was shake my head. I just had to leave her at the crib right?

''Ace you gone answer my question or what?'' Melody said yelling at me and shit.


When Ace left me home a lone I decided to look around after all this is my house too for a while so why not? I went into his bed room looking for anything I could find. I don't know what I was looking for, but I knew my brother was hiding something from me. I checked his closet finding a small passage with a blue duffle bag in it, Of course I looked inside it finding over $50,000 and a small hand gun. I didn't know what to say. All I knew is ace had some explaining to do to me and I wanted nothing but the truth.

Without even thinking I threw the duffle bag at him almost hitting his face.

''What the hell you doing going through my stuff Mel, that shit ain't cool at all.'' Ace said looking up at me. He had his damn nerve , yeah it was wrong I snooped through his stuff but what I found speaks volumes.. Ace has some explaining to do especially if he wants me to stay with him for the summer. I don't have time for the extra shit, I love him too much to see him do something crazy with his life, Besides what would our father think?

''Oh so you trynna say this all my fault? Yeah I went through your stuff, but that still doesn't explain why you have all this cash on you.''I said walking down the stairs so we could be face to face.

''Look Mel, it ain't what you think I promise just chill.'' He said

''YOU THINK THIS A FUCKING GAME ACE? I asked you straight up what was going on and you blew me off making me think I had nothing to worry about. I fought for you ace you know daddy didn't want me here, but I trusted yo stupid ass.'' I said while smacking him up side his head. I was mad as hell that my brother was out here being dumb and shit. Now he knew that our parents raised us better then this, his ass then been in New York way too long now look at him .. he don't know how to act.

''Yo Melody keep yo fucking hands all of me alright.'' he said rubbing the spot that I hit him in, he sounded mad too but I didn't give a damn. He deserved that shit for being stupid.

''FUCK YOU ACE , you think I'm suppose to be calm when I just found out my brothers a no good lying ass drug dealer? '' I said getting up in his face, I was just so mad right now like I couldn't control myself. I was mad, disappointed, and I even wanted to cry. Selling drugs won't get you no where but in jail or 6 ft under .. I wanted more for Ace, I didn't wanna see my big brother go through shit like that.

''Wow Mel that's foul is that really what you think of me? '' He asked laughing a little like something was actually funny. I knew he was hurt by what I said, but honestly I didn't give a fuck. He lied to his baby sister when he knew he could trust me. I thought we was better then this, but I guess not.

''Ace I'm sorry okay , but you haven't been telling me the truth ... I thought we were better then that. What was I suppose to say or think?'' I said shaking my head.

''I don't know maybe trust yo big brother, I never lied Melody .. you just needa get out my business and know that I'm good. I don't need you worrying about the shit I do trust me.''he said raising his voice.

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