Chapter 3;; Like to Dislike

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  Like, Dislike
Like, Dislike
Like, Dislike
Dislike, dislike, dislike, dislike

Self-satisfaction, stop the half-assed measures
The personification of the lamest things ever

Wanting your whole life to be a pet dog
Riddled with wounds, blood awakens

Are you ready? (HATE)
Not yet (HATE)
Are you ready?
Hold on to your love

Undisclosed (HATE)
Are you ready?
Ok, ready! Hey
Obligation, let's go!!!

Like, dislike
Hate, like
Like, dislike
Hate, like
Like, dislike
Hate, like
Dislike, dislike, dislike

{No One's P.O.V}

Taehyung skips along side the dark haired boy who was leading him to some place. He's knows that he shouldn't be following a man who just tried to rob a poor man who had just left, but he felt safe and protected by the boy. Pulled in by his mysterious feel that surrounded him as well, his eyes land back on the taller male beside him with curious eyes.

"If you keep looking at me like that I'm going to take you right here and right now." A smirk appears on the olders face, knowing that he will and he can.

Taehyung's face a bright red, burning against the cold weather that hits his face harshly as he walks. "I-I..what..." the boy surprised by his words and hits the other softly. "Don't say stuff like that, it's bad!"

Jungkook only chuckles loudly seeing that the boy was mildly embarrassed just by the thought it running through his head. "I'm just playing with you Baby~" His voice deep, and arousing.

"Don't call me baby! I'm not three! Also what is your name?!" He pouts at the older boy, his eyes become a little bigger and sparkles in the street lights that they pass by.

"Call me daddy. "
His eyes widen somewhat just by hearing the word. "W-What, no! I mean your real name!"

"I'm not giving you my real name-"

"Why not?!"

"Because I said so and your going to listen to me!"

The silence fills the air for a few minutes, before the blonde sighs knowing that he wouldn't give up his name to him. "Fine...Daddy..."

He whispered out quietly but knot quiet enough for jungkook ears. Which lead to him having a big smile on his face, like an actual smile.

Taehyung's heart beat stopped for a moment just looking at how great he looked smiling. Almost as if he ran out of breath looking at him he turned his head away and his face a bright red.

"AW baby your blushing "

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