Chapter Ten:A Shattered Wall

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"Eva? Are you here?" Lyla called out as she walked in the house, the text from Eva making her nervous since it read, "NEED HELP!" She walked down the hall and into the bedroom, a slew of clothes all over the floor and bed.

"In here." She heard Eva say from the closet, a chuckle escaping Lyla's mouth as she saw Eva sitting a pile of clothes, a pitiful look on her face. "I have nothing to wear." Eva huffed as she picked up a few shirts and dropped them on the floor, her entire body a ball of nerves. She was seeing Jax that afternoon, alone, for the first time in months.

Their letters had kept her happy, but it was time for her to see him, time for her to see how she felt about him. She knew she had to be feeling something since she had never in her life been nervous to see a man. She smiled and scooted over as Lyla sat down next to her, Eva resting her head on her shoulder as she knew Lyla was the only person who understood.

"Going alone?" Lyla asked, Eva nodding her head as she finally stood, her mind trying to stay calm as she knew she only had an hour left to get ready. She stepped out of the closet as Lyla started to look through her clothes, Eva going into the bathroom to try and pull her hair into a nice ponytail.

She put a small amount of brown shadow on her eyes and threw on some lip-gloss, not in the mood to do makeup since she knew it would get messed up with the helmet. She stepped out and looked at the outfit that Lyla had laid over the bed for her. Her tightest fitting leather pants along with a black fitted V-neck shirt, that always showed too much cleavage.

"Are you on crack?" Eva teased as she picked up the leather pants, a pair of pants she hadn't worn in months. She knew why Lyla had picked what she had, but she didn't know if she was ready to be this revealing to Jax.

"Eva, just wear them, it's not like you are showing up in a mini skirt and bikini top." She said as she tossed the clothes to her, Eva sighing as she knew she was being overruled. She changed as Lyla waited out in the kitchen, the smell of coffee filling her nose as she looked at herself in the wall mirror.

She felt sexy, and knew that Jax was going to be more than happy at her outfit choice. She was happy that she was finally going to see him, but she feared that the feelings she felt were going to be lost, a fear she knew was insane. She looked over herself once more, even taking the time to admire the curve of her butt, something she never did.

She grabbed her cut and threw it on, making sure to zip it up and grab her riding gloves from her pocket. She walked out, smiling as she saw Lyla looking over a picture of Abel that Eva had hung up.

"You look great, now don't worry about Abel, I will watch him when Gemma drops him off. Take your time, and Eva—don't overthink this okay. Let your heart feel what it wants okay, just relax." Lyla assured her as she pulled Eva in for a hug. Eva knew she could trust Lyla with her life, something that was very precious to her.

She walked out to her bike, her heart racing as she kicked her leg over and started it, the roar of the engine always making her smile and shake with excitement. The moment she hit the highway she felt free, the road stretched out in front of her and her future waiting for her just a few miles up the road.


"Teller, get up—you got a visitor." The guard said as Jax looked up from his letter to Eva, his mind working overtime as he hadn't yet heard from her. Jax was hoping that Opie could tell him what was going on, since he was going crazy with worry. He walked with the guard, his hands slipping his black beanie over his shaved head as he knew it always cold in the visitor's center. He was lucky to be in a prison that didn't have glass and phones as a visitation, but benches and an open area where they could visit face to face. He walked into the room, his eyes searching for Opie. Jax gasped as he saw Eva standing in the back corner by one of the far benches, his heart racing as he couldn't remember when he had seen someone so beautiful.

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